7mm The Derby Line: Basford North

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by dibateg, 30 August 2013.

  1. dibateg

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    A rainy weekend facilitated the installation of the extra sidings. Its in and wired except for the point motors. The straight section is hinged so that I can get into that corner for maintenance. It's not wired as trains will only be backing in. There will be a foam pad at the end to protect from rough shunts. I'll mount a mirror on the ceiling ( oooer ) so that operators can see what is going on.

    It's not my finest bit of joinery, but as an afterthought and made from left overs, it will serve adequately. I think I've already got enough stock to fill it. The inner siding conforms to 6' radius, the outer two begin with 6' then go down to about 5' 9". I will have to test what will work in there.
  2. dibateg

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    I've spent a couple of rainy mornings working on a mock up for one of the council houses. Usual thing - counting bricks to try and work out the size. I'll try it in situ and see how it looks. This is No 1&2 Saxondale Drive, this is the back.
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    You'll have fun with the 1950's Crittal windows.....
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    Yes - I'm curious about that Dave, as I thought that the building would have Crittal windows, but looking at this photo, I'm not sure as they seem to be small square panes rather than the typical oblong shape:-
    Basford Station 2 1964a.jpg
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