Full Size NBL Type 2 (Class 21/22/29)

Discussion in 'Book Corner' started by SteveO, 5 June 2013.

  1. SteveO

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    After a few days reading copious amounts of information on Derby Type 2s I'd like to expand that into the NBL Type 2.

    I have the MLI issue devoted to it but I can't find a book. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd prefer the book to be only about this prototype but if a book covers a good amount of info on this along with others, that should be fine too.

  2. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

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  3. SteveO

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    Thanks! Appreciated. I'll stick it on the Christmas list!

    Any books covering the whole series of these locos? Quite keen to learn about the original vehicles too, which became the Class 21 I think.
  4. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    'The Westerns Hydraulics' by J K Lewis is a good read & covers North British Warships D600/D800 as well as the 22's:thumbs:
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  5. daifly

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    If past experience is anything to go by, I wouldn't. Western Legacy often produce limited runs against pre-orders. I ordered and paid for my copy in October 2012! Don't count on there being any left by late summer. Christmas is going to have to come early!


  6. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Ah! This must go top of the list as I not only have a Type 2 to build but a D800 too!
    Noted. I see they take PayPal deposits - I have some funds so may push some over their way soon...
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  7. Railwaymaniac

    Railwaymaniac Western Thunderer

    I ordered one of these, and paid by PayPal.

    As the vital date has now come and gone, I emailed these folks enquiring after my copy.
    the reply was :-
    "We are hoping sometime this month following cancellation of July party after customers requested us to do so."

    Squirming with anticipation . . .

  8. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Hi Ian,

    Dont worry the book will "eventually" arrive. :rolleyes:. I have ordered loads from them and very often the original date gets put back and further back. Very frustrating i know but when your book finally arrives you will be very pleased and almost forget the long delays;)

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  9. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Resurrection of an old thread, but has anyone heard anything of the David Wilson book yet?
  10. taliesin

    taliesin Western Thunderer

    Apparently mid December according to their website, cheers Rob
  11. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Thanks Rob
  12. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson Western Thunderer

    Before I chase up the current position has anyone received their copy of David Wilson Class 22 book revised proposed issue date 15 Dec 2013.

  13. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Andrew,

    (still) waiting patiently:(:(:(:(:(:(


  14. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Yup, still waiting here too. I thought I'd wait for it (as it was said to be imminent) before I started by Beattie 22. Maybe not so wise...
  15. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Steve,

    it's a non-event between David Wilson and JLTRT as to who is going to finish second with their 22 - or is it more a case, as with the cycle racers are they both vying for the top section of the track to sprint to the finish line?


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  16. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

    Well done SteveO on your 1000th post :thumbs::thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
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  17. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Haha! I hadn't even noticed. I'll wait in for the telegram to arrive...
  18. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Hi guys

    Im still waiting for a couple of books plus one of there booklets ( Winds of Change 73, Westerns Vol 3 plus the booklet on Class 52's ) these have been on order for ages and the publishing date keeps getting put back.:mad:

    Although i notice Adrian Curtis is now doing Fishing and Football stuff as first choice so i feel the Railway stuff will eventually come to a halt.

  19. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

    Fishing must be the most boring hobby in the world !!!. Sorry, just my opinion. Tried it once, i lasted bout 30mins :rolleyes:

    Steve :cool:
  20. taliesin

    taliesin Western Thunderer

    Just seen on the website that there will be a statement on the future of Western Legacy posted on Tuesday, i have a feeling that its not going to be good news :(, cheers Rob