Full Size NBL Type 2 (Class 21/22/29)

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    Curtis, of course. Thanks for the correction.
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    I appreciate that this isn't much help given the situation, but I ordered the Class 22 book before the "cut off" date, and it did duly arrive.

    It's OK, but not as good as the earlier softback/magazine on the class that I didn't buy. I take the witterings about photographs to mean that Adrian decided not to use the work of anyone who wanted paying, I may be being uncharitable....

    I think you are right about Sam not appearing on the "apprentice" but to me the villain of the piece is Adrian, it is inconceivable that he has had nothing to do with the production of the Class 22 book and to pretend otherwise is simply dishonest.

    In addition to everything else, the book apparently has errors in it and overall I'm afraid I feel I ought not to have bothered purchasing it.

    All of which does make me think that a decently produced and properly researched book on the subject might be quite a viable proposition from a publishing point of view.

    In fact how many diesel subjects have ever had proper "grown up" books done on them? Irwell's book of series being worthy exceptions to this generalisation I think.

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    Hi Simon,
    If you don't mind, when did you order/receive your book? I ordered mine in June, when the website had just said a second batch was being printed. That was before the cut-off date at the time, but nothing heard since.
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    Hi Simon, from what I remember Adrian did put the book together originally, from the timelines on their website which is all we actually have to go on Adrian appeared to lose interest and hand over control to Sam at the same time that copy write issues over pictures used reared their head, apparently this forced a rewrite which caused the delays, for this book anyway.
    At this stage they had not forgotten the art of communication and I spoke to Sam several times about purchasing earlier issues of two of the magazines which they were advertising as being available, a ballpark figure of what I wanted would have been around £80, you would have thought they would have snapped my hand off as this material was (according to their adverts) available.
    This year I have sent them several polite emails which have all been unanswered and attempted to phone them on several occasions leaving a polite message on the answer phone, needless to say they never got back to me.
    At this stage I am in the position where by now I should have had ten magazines from them and the subscriptions completed but all I have had is two, sent when I first pre-payed well over a year a go. Interestingly you could if you have wished purchased a subscription to any of their three magazines right up until last friday!!
    Because I liked the product I was happy to put up with the delays and lack of communication although I do remember telling you Simon that the 22 book was nowhere near as good as it had been cracked up to be.
    Knowing now that there will be no more magazines my attitude has somewhat hardened, remember that the next three issues of Diesel Hydraulics Illustrated were at the printers in June according to their website, so where are they? why has this continued to go on? lack of competency from Sam or possibly financial issues, either way they probably should have "manned up" several months a go.
    Hopefully the necessary refunds will shortly arrive to all concerned but I do have my doubts based on this last year, cheers Rob
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    I paid on the 22nd April this year, which will be the day I ordered it. I think the book arrived in June sometime, but it could well have been later, in fact I think it was, but more I cannot remember.

    It does rather seem that Western Legacy Publications has finally piddled all over its chips, small claims court and good luck to you I guess?
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    Thanks Simon, it sounds like I only just missed out then. Small Claims Court? I suppose so, I don't know what else to do when a company effectively sticks two fingers up to me by refusing to communicate. The other option is to just give up and write the money off, but that would go against the grain for me.
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    A new message appeared on the website dated 28th of November stating that everyone who had outstanding subscriptions was going to have a letter posted to them at the weekend, today being Wednesday the 3rd of December I have received nothing :rant: and I live about 40 miles from them. I really don't think they will be doing anything until Trading Standards get involved ;), regards to all, Rob
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    I have always been a little suprised that people are so willing to pre order this stuff unseen as it were?
    Personally I find these publications over rated & overpriced.
    If Simon says the class 21,22,29 book is the poor relation of the 22 booklet then this book must be really really crap then. ...speaking as a owner of the 22 booklet which is the usual poorly printed collection of poor photograpghs IMO.

    BTW I ordered 'Tribute To The Hymeks' years ago & am still waiting!!!

    No connection, just a dissatisfied customer as they say lol.

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    The latest website update is from Dec 4th, and says all the letters will be posted by Dec 6th. Maybe they were, but no other promise made on that website in the last 6 months has been fulfilled, so I wouldn't bank on it. I'm not expecting a letter myself as they seem to be only for magazine subscribers, and I ordered a book. I have now had 5 emails and one answerphone message ignored, while the Curtis father & son have kept my money for 6 months, and I see no point in trying to progress this with them any more. I think Rob is right and the organisation needs to brought to the attention of Trading Standards. I imagine this would be much more effective if a group of those defrauded, (let's not mince words) make a joint submission. I'd be pleased to be part of one.

    In the meantime I have fired the first shot by registering a complaint at www.actionfraud.police.uk It's a simple, but fairly lengthy process, and it can all be done on line. I named Western Legacy, Sam Curtis and Adrian Curtis (it's his Paypal account that the money goes to) as practicing on-line fraud by advertising & selling, but not delivering, goods. I don't suppose one complaint will cause blue lights to start flashing outside the Curtis home, but the purpose of the site is to assemble information, so if other unhappy customers do the same there might be some interest from the authorities, including Trading Standards, who the site mentions it is linked to. If anyone does want to make their own complaint on this site you will need the Curtis home address & phone number. I have these, so contact me in a conversation if you want them.
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    Last Thursday I received via Paypal a pro-rata refund for one of my magazine subscriptions, today I have received similar for my second subscription so it would appear that they are doing the right thing by folks if somewhat belatedly. Hopefully anyone else who is owed monies will get theirs soon, I did have to chase hard though, regards to all, Rob
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    Hello everyone, a polite response to this thread. I would just like to explain a few things to you all so it may help you get a better picture of the situation. My father suffered a very serious road traffic accident in early 2014 which left one knee shattered (he was run down as a pedestrian). He underwent three-hour surgery and was told he could not put his foot on the floor for six months - effectively making him bedridden. The injury came at a time when he had decided to take some of the magazines monthly, bi-monthly etc, this was clearly not going to happen with him on his back and facing a further six months learning to walk again following the bones, plate and screws mending. So to help, I took over. It was my decision to can the magazines and refund everyone. My father was in no position to write, design and gather information for the magazines lying on his back and very few, probably two other people, wrote articles for them. So the obvious thing was to close down the magazine arm which I did and bite the bullet and refund everyone. The books suffered from the same problem. Okay, I accept that no response and late delivery is unacceptable but I was still at college when I took control and my father did not want to return as other problems with his health (heart mainly) made it difficult for him and still do today. So over the last two and a half years, I've been battling to repay everyone and yes, I am still going through the process, as well as overseeing the new books, which have been written but which require my design skills. Slowly but surely I think I am getting things to turn around. I have had to learn so much stuff in the last few years but I now feel confident enough to cope. I am now in a position to turn book orders around inside 28 days which is helping enormously. As for being fraudulent, I have said from the outset that I will repay everyone, and made it clear on the website from day one. I nor my father have done a bunk. I have acted honourably from the beginning and so has my father. None of this would have occurred if my father had not been seriously injured. I just want to let you all know that you can contact me anytime via the email address on the website or write to me at the address on the website - all the information is there. If anyone here has not received anything, bar the Tribute to the Hymeks chap, (sorry long out of print but happy to refund you) then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I know I haven't been able to provide you with the best of service up to now and I apologise for that. But things are changing for the better. It was my decision to take on the role while my father's injury healed but now I enjoy it. My father is now working on an archive website resource for people which will all be free to everyone and will provide people with all the information gleaned from his research along with loco records and workings for each engine. In the meantime, I will continue to provide a service to you guys and hope that in time, you will see the improvement. Thank you for your time to read this, almost as long as one of my college essays from yesteryear. Sam
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    Hi Sam

    Thank you for taking the trouble to respond so fully and good luck with your continuing endeavours.

    It is good to hear that you are now enjoying your inolvement, it must have been very difficult at times and quite a steep learning curve one way and another.

    I'm sure I speak for all of us in saying that you are very welcome to flag up your curent website and publicise any new books or developments here on Western Thunder, the hydraulics are still held in pretty high esteem in these parts:)

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    Thank you Simon for the lovely welcome and your offer re website. I am in the process of making further updates and changes to website so will wait until i have completed these before plugging it. But i appeciate the offer and will gladly take it up in the near future. Cheers Sam