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Discussion in 'Gardeners World' started by Rob Pulham, 6 October 2013.

  1. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    I thought that since it seems to have generated a little interest I would create a thread for discussion of it's merits.

    As requested by Richard I have put some offcuts in a bucket of water and another untreated piece just out to see how it fares - as it happens on that score Chris had taken a bit to stop soil from dropping through into next doors garden.

    Complete with snail!



    I will post some more shots a in couple of weeks and then leave them soaking until I need to bucket for something else.
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  2. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    I have moved this thread to 'Gardeners World' which can be found in 'Resources' on the Forums index page:)
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  3. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Excellent Rob

    Very useful tests I think. If we could refine the 'bucket test', once it has had a couple of weeks, can you let it dry out thoroughly, see if there is any impairment, and then put it back in the bucket for another soaking.


  4. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    No problem:thumbs:
  5. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Thanks Phill,

    Well what do you know, an entire section of the forum that I didn't know existed:rolleyes: - I have read a lot of the threads but from the What's new? shortcut.....
  6. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    A small update, the first two weeks of soaking have passed, Chris has taken both pieces out of the water and put them in the green house to dry off.

    I will leave them a couple of weeks to dry then take another photo of them but at the moment they look unchanged.:thumbs:
  7. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Hi Rob

    Can you put a vernier on both pieces and one of your undunked treated pieces, and measure the thickness of each please?

  8. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Sounds like the Tricoya is living up to its far.

    I will be monitoring this thread :thumbs:

  9. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    I like your thinking Richard:thumbs:

    I measured quite a few of the "undunked" pieces (both the treated ones on the trackbed and the untreated offcuts that are waiting for the weather to improve for the next bit of the puzzle) and they are all 18.3mm - 18.4mm

    The soaked pieces are in the same range - one being 18.32mm and the other 18.40mm.

    Looking good so far:thumbs:
  10. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Indeed it is. Thank you for taking the time to provide the data.

  11. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    No problem, I will put it back in the bucket in another couple of weeks when it's had a time to dry out.
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  12. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Just a note to say that Chris dropped the samples back into the bucket of water this morning.
  13. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Hi Rob, was there any distortion in the pieces once they had dried out:thumbs:

  14. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    No Rob, there doesn't appear to be any movement at all:thumbs:
  15. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Thats great news. :thumbs: So far so good then:D

  16. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Another couple of weeks have gone by and Chris took the two pieces out of the bucket on Friday.

    I measured them with the verniers this morning and all are still within the 18.3 - 18.6 range. I measured those that had been soaking and the stack of off cuts that I haven't finished with yet but haven't had any sort of wood treatment on them.

    Looking good so far:thumbs::cool:
  17. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Thank you Rob.

    That's really rather impressive and encouraging at the same time.

  18. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Thanks again Rob.

    Thats excellent news:thumbs:

  19. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    It'll be interesting to see what happens to the samples in a hard frost though. If they've taken up any water at all that's when it'll become obvious...

  20. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Robin, a suggestion...

    Take a piece of dry material which is about the same size as the items in the bucket, weigh the dry sample... and then weigh a wet sample (after wiping the sample surfaces) For this comparison to have any validity the pieces need to be of comparable size and the "wet" sample needs to be free of carry-out from the bucket.