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Discussion in 'Gardeners World' started by Alan, 1 February 2011.

  1. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    As a small scale (4mm) modeller I was wondering where one can get large scale figures somewhere between 1-30 and 1-24.

    I'm making a diorama at the museum I volunteer at at that is roughly the scale and i need a couple of people to populate it.
    Many thanks in advance of your replies.
  2. hoppy504

    hoppy504 Western Thunderer

    There are a number of Chinese firms advertising 1:30 and 1:32 figures on Ebay, after a repaint they fit in quite well on a British layout, Britains farm figures are 1:32 and a sharp knife works wonders.
    Corgi used to produce a range of diecast military figures in 1:32, I believe they were called One Foot Forward.
    All the above can be found on Ebay. The other source is Priesler (sorry for the spelling) these are 1:32 either painted or unpainted.

  3. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Thanks you have been most helpful.
  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Airfix do a range of 1:32 figures (just had a quick look on e-bay) those I've seen so far are military/historical but they may have some appropriate or ripe for conversion.
  5. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    A word of warning!!! only use Paypal whilst dealing with the figures from China as there have been instances where the credit card numbers have appeared on an in flight duty free trolley invoice, credit card fraud dont you just love it.

  6. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Thanks chaps