Full Size Beckton's Railways and Locomotives

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    I have just received a copy of this book, written by Dave Marden, and thought it worth a mention. From a modelling perspective, it falls down by having no drawings, but the photographs are extremely interesting. I was aware of the Beckton Gas Works and some of its delightful locos mainly from the videos of Ivo Peters but hadn't realised just how many locomotives were employed over the years. Nor how varied. The bulk of the book concerns itself with very short potted histories of individual locos, each with primary dimensions and a photograph.
    The book covers Beckton Gas Works, Beckton Product Works, and Beckton Water Works.

    Quirky standard gauge industrials can always make good modelling projects. Coupled with 4 wheeled second hand or home made coaches and open wagons galore all shunting about in a confined space within a multi levelled Victorian wrought iron environment of flyovers and tracks disappearing into buildings, the modelling potential is difficult to resist.

    The lack of hard information such as drawings is therefore a bit frustrating. The book has however, acted as a catalyst to look for the information elsewhere. IMG_0001.JPG
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    How very interesting. I must look out for this.

    My only association with this was when working on "Full Metal Jacket" for Stanley Kubrick, much of which was shot at Beckton but when it was derelict and some long time after it closed. It all looked a bit strange surrounded with palm trees. To tell the truth, though, I was less concerned about the history of the place than what mood the great man was in. Twas ever thus.

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    Blimey, that takes the conversation in an entirely unexpected direction! How interesting; presumably the palm trees arrived in a lorry?
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    They certainly did. And left the same way, as far as I'm aware.