DCC Auxiliary outputs of ESU Loksound decoder

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We are using an ESU Loksound decoder for a diesel shunter and that means getting to grips with dcc control of lights on the shunter. The loco has one tail light and one side light at each end... and one headlight at each end. At the moment we are experimenting with different wiring configurations whilst deciding on how best to control the lights so you may have a different view on the individual LEDs ought to be wired to the decoder.

For now we are using the FL and RL outputs to control the headlights... and AUX3 / AUX4 for the tail / side lights (yes, maybe the side / tail lights ought to be FL /RL with the headlights on AUX3/AUX4). Selecting "Lights" and "forward/reverse" causes one set of headlights to light brightly... with a low level of illumination for the side/tail lights. Selecting either AUX3 or AUX 4 causes one LED (side / tail) to shine brightly and one LED to show a very dim light.

Anyone care to explain why there appears to be an electrical connection between FL/RL and AUX3/AUX4?

thank you, Graham


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Hi Graham

Do you have a Lokprogrammer?
If so, check the Function Mapping - there may be a connection in there somewhere.
Also check the the Function Outputs - it could be that AUX3/AUX4 are set up as Smoke Units or something.....!.

BTW, whose project are you using?


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Tim (@TheSnapper),

Peter has and uses the Lokprogrammer, I shall ask him to reply to your questions. I have looked at the decoder output configurations and I do not see any unexpected mappings.

regards, Graham