DCC An idiot's guide to the MultiMaus

Not Jack B

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An idiot's guide to the MultiMaus free from techno babble.

Not everyone's ultimate choice but maybe everyone’s first choice of basic glitch-free DCC.

I have been using one on the European circuit since its introduction and still happily using it.

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Western Thunderer
+1, I have one LZ100, 1 90 and 1 red Multimaus.

I also have TouchCab, but it lost all my loco data, so I’m a bit miffed about that…

Not Jack B

Western Thunderer
I began the DCC journey with a Lenz compact, a device that was riddled with unfathomable glitches only known to MacKay Models. The arrival of the MultiMaus was a revelation, it came via a recommendation at a show by Bernd Lenz although it was not a Lenz product. The inability to read CVs has not proved to be a liability but it does work with Lenz and Digikeijs without issue and it was almost the defacto handheld when I exhibited on the European circuit.

My current system is a Fleischmann rebranded MultiMaus bought for a pittance, I may add a DR5000 but not yet.


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Likewise, I started with a Lenz Compact but soon found it's limitations. Then upgraded to a LZV100 with two red Roco MultiMaus - or is it MultiMäuse (MultiMice) :rolleyes:.

Several years ago the MultiMaus and command station could be picked up quite cheaply but not so now. They were often broken up from DCC start sets where these were puchased for the locos and rolling stock - which more often than not had different running numbers to the same products offered in the normal catalogue range.