Yorky D's SECR dropside - Rollout - 4 groovy planks man

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    Well, here it is....

    The completed wagon.
    SECR 35.jpg
    SECR 36.jpg

    Close ups of the dropside locking/retaining mechanism. The 'bolt' was made from 1 mm brass rod drilled to take a 0.3 mm pin. The pin itself is a HO scale diesel lift ring from Detail Associates and the chain was from another HO model (both left over from my HO days). SECR 37.jpg
    SECR 39.jpg
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    I have just come across this thread. It would have polite if you had approach me with your feedback on our kit before posting as I might have been able to supply you with another casting before you tossed it on the fire.
    We are a small company and we manufacture most things in house. Most of our kits only have a production run of 30 or less so to keep cost down to the point were people can afford one. The iron work of our kits comes as a brass etch as on some of our kits produced in the late 1990's had the iron work on and it increased our scrap by 50% which made production cost to expensive.
    We also found that the majority of the prototypes we have in our range have different arrangements of iron work and if they were cast with the body there would be no variations.
    The wagon you discarded was one of the last hand made patterns in our range. Since FRWC 70 all out patterns have been 3D printed we are at FRWC 130 and we are going back and gradually replacing all our earlier patterns when people request them.
    Marc Dobson
    Furness Railway Wagon Co