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    A new book from Simon at Titfield. I haven’t read it, but it ticks all my boxes. So I post it here for those of us who like a bit of wagonry in our hobby:

    Twilight Of The Goods
    Don Rowland
    Publisher: Wild Swan 2019
    80 pages

    “I am very pleased to have published this book, an appreciation of the estimable Don Rowland and the huge amount of work he has done in both recording and publishing information about the humble British goods wagon. With my own enjoyment of Don Rowland's magazine articles and David Larkin's seminal series of wagon books for Bradford Barton in mind, this book contains 80 pages of high quality images of wagons, the vast majority photographed by Don, printed mostly one image per page in order that the subjects and their myriad details of brake gear, lettering, construction and most of all the texture and finish can be fully appreciated. We have endeavoured to make the captions informative and accurate for both the wagons and settings in each case and with a very few exceptions all subject photographs are accurately dated and their locations recorded. Many of the backgrounds are also interesting on various levels, all of which serve to illustrate just how very different so much was at the Twilight of the era of traditional freight working on British Railways. I hope that this book gives half as much pleasure as I have had from those Bradford Barton books of all those years ago and also inspires those of us who model to more accurately portray the wonderful World of Wagons, sorry Don, I couldn't resists that sort of amalgamation of Peco and your Model Railway News series that I liked so much...”
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    I would be interested to know the time period considered to be the twighlight?


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    Barring the tiny thumbnail on the webpage, you have as much info as I do. But a quick search Over There brings small rewards:

    "In this book Don talks about why and how he set about recording the "World of Wagons" over sixty years ago, and then presents a selection of images covering wagon subjects from the "Big Four", British Railways and Private Owners. Images have been selected and captioned with modellers in mind, the majority not having been seen in print before."


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    I was tempted to inform you that twilight here is currently 15.50 - 16.15, but having just unpacked this book I can now more appropriately advise that the images are almost all ‘59 - ‘62 with just an odd couple ‘54 - ‘69.

    Close-ups, an interesting bunch, and although b & w look to be very useful for weathering and lettering detail. I am delighted with my purchase.
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