The Garden Railway Workbench

Martin Shaw

Western Thunderer
Well, the promised imminent arrival was delayed, in the best traditions of used goods salesmen, but it happened eventually and the GW will now have to bow down to a proper railway engine which arrived today. A trial trip has been arranged.

In the real world this is an Accucraft Lyn, serial no 039 so an earlyish one, which apparently was bought by a gentleman who then never ran it, he had a collection of which several have never been used, unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to buy an IoM Mannin in similar condition. It is in mint condition, not a mark on it and the patina of steaming is missing so to all intents showroom condition, to further extend the already weak analogy. Of course the downside is that noboody knows whether it works but when all said and done it isn't complicated. Currently a manual control version I am looking at fitting RC, not too much spare space in the cab.

I have also bought the other brake composite for the Welshpool rake, again for a secondhand model previously well looked after, maybe a pic tomorrow if the weather plays ball after raking the lawn, and hedge trimming are completed.