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Discussion in 'Gardeners World' started by Steve Cook, 29 May 2010.

  1. Steve Cook

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    ...how do you do / plan to do it :scratch:

    Whilst its raining, I'm trying to work out the wiring for controlling my line. At the moment its powered up from an old Gaugemaster unit in the shed, but I'm going to add an option to use DCC so that I can use the autoshuttle function on Lenz gold chips (the diode matrices on the track are bypassed with separate switches down the line). The problem I'm chewing over, is that I actually want to be outside controlling the trains, rather than being inside, or just next to the shed with the controllers in. I know some options were explored in this thread, but has anybody got / used / seen / made a remote method of controlling the track voltage?

    My reasoning is that by having remote controlled track voltage, anybody with a two rail powered loco can run on the line and have the enjoyment of being outside watching it go or walking along with it. I guess its not such an issue for those with continuous runs, but for planks like me, running up and down the garden to turn things on or off is a pain in the proverbial :lol:

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Steve :wave:
    DCC is a complete mystery to me, but I have a much simpler method of being able to watch my trains & operate them at the same time , I use a 'On Tracks' controller with a plug in hand-held controller on a 40 foot lead which means I can walk round the garden watching the train or for that matter operate a train from any part of the line, it also means I can stop a train if a disaster is looming without having to make a mad dash for either the train or the controller :laugh: . I have never had the need for a shuttle though as if I want to just sit & watch them go by I can leave one running on the outdoor circuit, but I can see how that would be an advantage for you :) .

    Cheers Phill :thumbs:
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    Cheers Phill :thumbs:

    A fourty foot flying lead, I did wonder how you managed it :D

    Just had an illuminating ( :rolleyes: ) chat with Cliff Barker. Cliff sells a remote transmitter and an integrated speed controller / receiver (see here) for running battery powered locos, but he's confirmed over the phone that the same system could be used to power the track rather than just a loco.
    You can use your existing track controller, just take the track feed (set at 12v or so) wires and connect to the speed controller. Connect the output wires to the track, then you can control the track voltage with the small transmitter. Sticking a dpdt switch in the circuit so one can change from one situation to another would be a good idea, but it means you can have remote, walk around track control :thumbs:
    Its also possible to bind more than one receiver to each transmitter, so as long as you follow the proviso that only one is turned on at any one time, you can save a few bob if you put receivers in loco and on the track. That leaves the ideal situation of being able to control either a loco or track with one transmitter, meaning the loco can go on tour, whilst visiting two rail locos will also work on the line :D I best get saving then....