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Discussion in 'Forum Information and Issues' started by Dave Bowden, 8 January 2021.

  1. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Whilst writing a reply to Rob Pulham today twice I got a warning window that said 'You don't have permission to do this'

    Can someone explain why this is happening to me. It is not the first or second time this has happened but previously I've ignored it

  2. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Happens to me lots too. I just ignore it.
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  3. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Same here, not a lot, but from time to time. Try again.

  4. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    My suffering at present is that despite having ticked the 'stay connected' box, I am having to log-in every time I visit the site. This has happened on & off over the years, but seems to right itself when Microsoft do one of their so called updates.

    Stay safe everyone.


  5. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    Yep, same here as well Mike. Especially recently it kept flashing up even though I was supposedly already logged in.

  6. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Hi, Sorry but I can't explain it at the moment. I'm checking access logs and error logs but being intermittent (I see it about once a week) I'm struggling to find out what is going on. I know it doesn't help you - but nothing is getting flagged up as a warning or error in the system but I will keep looking.

    As for the staying logged in problem - again it's another one being very difficult to track down as I suspect it to do with operating system, device and browser plus it might be ad-blockers or new browsers getting over zealous on tracking cookies. There is absolutely no ad-tracking on the site - I just use the absolute bare minimum required so as I understand it the xf_user is the "remember me" cookie - I use Safari and as you can see below that is currently set to expire in a month. So I'm wondering if some of the new browsers are sandboxing cookies to such an extent that a new visit doesn't get to see this "remember me" cookie - or are they being over zealous and removing this when you leave the site? Again something else to investigate.

    Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 11.42.45.png
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  7. michl080

    michl080 Western Thunderer

    These log files can be HUGE. If anybody wants to report errors, it is definetly useful to mention sending IP-address and time including seconds. I am part time sysadmin for some 50 colleagues and my logs are 10s of MByte per day in size.
  8. Kev T

    Kev T Western Thunderer

    Hi Mike
    I was having this problem a few weeks ago. I had been using WT without issue for years, then after an update I had the same issue. Tried everything with settings but to no avail until I noticed that I was logging into WT on the HTTP site, I logged into the HTTPS site and have had no problems since. Easy to check if that's your problem, just look for the padlock.

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  9. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Thanks Kev.
    Just discovered one of my devices is accessing the unsecured site unlike another where the padlock shows.
    Accessed via and have now got padlock on that one too, although had to try a few times to get the device not to revert to the unlocked site.
    That's more of a Neanderthal V technology problem.....:rolleyes:
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  10. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    Adrian -

    Just so you know - and I wasn't going to mention it but it may now help you to know that the issue is potentially quite widespread - but I occasionally get the "Don't have Permission" page. I just ignore it and carry on and the site has always come back.

    I have, however, never had an issue with remaining on WT as long as I've ticked the appropriate box when signing in.

    Next time it happens I'll note the time and provide my IP address.

    That's an interesting comment too, Kev. Thinking back I recently (in the past couple of weeks) changed my WT login from the HTTP site to the HTTPS site and I suspect that I may have had no Permission issues since then. Memory fails me, though!

  11. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Kev,

    many thanks for the heads-up. Just deleted my old http bookmark and replaced it with https and bingo - now the new bookmark.

    Stay safe and well.

  12. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

  13. auld_boot

    auld_boot Western Thunderer

    Fixed the login on every visit issue by adding WT to the cookie exceptions list in firefox. But still getting a permission issue even though I login via https URL, I can't even reply to my own thread I started!
  14. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I'm unable to reply to mine. Weird but I wonder if it's something to do with them both being created on the http address which caused the log in problem rather than the https which appears to be free from glitches?
  15. PhilH

    PhilH Western Thunderer

    I can post images but no text. I can't add text by editing later.

    Strange thing is I can post text here but not in my own topics.

    Update to the above:
    I managed to post 3 photos and text only by posting small bits at a time, and it took 6 edits to get everything on. So something is clearly wrong with the system.
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