Outdoor Track Powered & Non Track Powered Loco's

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  1. As I said....just watch your dangly bits:D
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    My dangly bits? Rob
  3. Yes, there is a theory that the new RC kit could have negative health effects (as with 3G, 4G and/or Wi-Fi et al.) and as most users rest RC transmitters on their tummy or near to other 'areas', such may become irradiated:oops::eek:;):D
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    I think the time to worry has long past when I think of all the stuff already out there, cheers Rob
  5. Each to their own;):thumbs::D
  6. Each to their own dangly bits?

    Surely, only in private?
  7. What you do in your spare time is none of my/our concern:)):))

    'Each to their own', in terms of how the irradiate their dangly bits:D
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    Tomorrow i will be round at Peter Spoerer's for a Gauge one get together so i will ask him about 2.4G and the toasted gonads effect. Peter is a major supplier of electrical gear including 2.4G in Gauge one so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about it, cheers Rob
  9. Hi Rob,:)

    Yes he is very knowledgeable, yet you really need to look to the Nordic and Germanic states et al. so as to gain answers as their research seems ahead of the UK's by some 10-15 years <sighs - typical> and they are starting to 'shield' new homes from these new frequencies and the newer comms. technologies.:thumbs:

    The worst offenders appear to be WiFi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth and more esoterically, Tetra et al.

    The main issue is that human's and other animals were not 'designed' to exist in the - invisible - 'electronic smog' that we are being made to suffer now, some are calling these technologies 'the asbestos of the future'. The human body is very susceptible to all types of radiation/electrical impulses, as our bodies use such in a subtle way to bring about chemical changes (so as to, basically, regulate our bodies) and vice versa. Already some individuals are very sensitive to these technologies and have had to come up with protection strategies so as to cope and live with this 'electronic smog'. Those who don't yet 'sense' such, may ironically be at more risk, due to longer term exposure (ie it dosen't hurt/affect me therefore one stays in contact with it longer).

    I dont wish to be a 'doom and gloom merchant', just an open-minded realist and observer, yet eg. CJD has reared it ugly head again, when the 'experts' said that it wouldn't!

    One usually has to follow the money (trail) so as to see why certain, possibly harmful, technologies are 'allowed'.

    I also think <Ben Elton voice> 'a little bit of conspiracy theory for ya cor blimey':D .....that MK Ultra and other technologies have a part to play in this subject too.

    I do know of devices that can protect - through dissipation of these new technologies - yet these are also in their infancy too.

    As a point of reference, my knowledge comes from engineers within the mobile phone industry and other organisations;) , as well as witnessing the effects that such technologies are already having on some individuals/their health (perhaps they're the lucky ones - with a heads-up!).

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi CME, i spoke to Peter today, his initial reply is not really printable but as he then explained we are already living in an electrical magnetic field, i.e 3G, Wi-Fi etc. His attitude is heavy drinkers get health problems, smokers likewise and continual use of mobile phones could possibly give cancer of the ear (not sure of the correct term here).
    As i said in an earlier post with whats out there already its a bit late now. I suppose if you were to use 2.4G 24/7 there might be some issues but overall i reckon there are a lot easier ways to die.
    We can isolate ourselves away from all of this but then maybe life just gets that little bit sterile?

    cheers Rob, who is actually quite happy really
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    On this sort of "Health & Safety when Railway Modelling" issue, I had to laugh at one article I read in one of the mags that was talking of the 'dangers' of soldering, and it was advising The Reader not to eat or smoke until one had washed one's hands afterwards, because of the dangers from the flux residue one might have on one's hands....
    .... caution before eating I could understand, but soldering more dangerous than smoking..?? :confused::confused::confused: :rolleyes: :))
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    Well I guess you could live without them, but life wouldn't be such fun :)

  13. Hi Fella's:)

    Rob, why were Peter's comments unprintable?:confused:

    ......I have to presume that one has to keep in mind that such commentaries oft come from those who supply/sell such products, I wonder why:rolleyes:

    I agree though there are lots of other things to be concerned about and to my mind such is all about moderation.....yet prevention is always better than cure:thumbs:

    Jordan, soldering can, when used without extraction/protection, when using such day in and day out, cause problems with issues such as Liver Cancer et al. (not sure if such is quite as bad now lead has been removed), yet other fumes are still given off, so like for like on a par with heavy smoking one could say...... Also one must never smoke when using certain solvents as such causes some pretty nasty chemical reactions which are highly toxic/carcinogenic.

    As will all things, sensible precautions apply:)

    Kind regards,

  14. He has a reputation for not holding back on his opinions, and for some interesting choice words when expressing them..
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  15. Harrow or Eton (Slough college)?, followed up by an Oxbridge education?:)):)).... It takes all sorts!:D

    I seem to remember that the likes of Bill Bedford is similar in his approach at times;)
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    Dear CME,
    I did not post his initial comments as it was a private conversation from one fella to another, perhaps not suitable to be posted on a forum viewed by women, children etc.
    I would imagine that if i insinuated that he wouldn't tell me the truth anyway as he sold the stuff the answer would be equally unprintable, perhaps you should ask him yourself.
    As to his education? i did not ask, nor do i presume.....
    cheers Rob
  17. Oh no, nothing like that at all.
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    The particular advice I was on about wasn't about breathing in the fumes, but about washing the hands.;)
    ...and big explosions... Having been trained & qualified for road ADR/Hazchem, Packages and Tankers, some years ago, I'm well aware of the particular dangers of smoking - even carrying a lighter in the cab was not allowed at many places (smoking is now banned in all trucks anyway, now)
    Had one instance years ago, unloading at a factory (not the one below!), when a forklift dropped a 200lt drum of industrial alcohol and punctured it. As the liquid merrily flooded the concrete another driver came wandering across, fag in mouth. I quickly asked him to put it out, but couldn't believe it when he did so by dropping it on the floor and treading on it!!:confused: How we didn't all do dog impressions (i.e. all go "WHOOF") I'll never know...... (he'd dropped it beyond the pool of alcohol, but as we all know, it's the vapour that ignites....)
    In fact, the place I was working out of at that time, went BANG rather more recently....
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  19. Coincidence, or should we infer a causal connection?
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  20. Hi Jordan,:)

    Sorry for the misinterpretation - that's the reading and comprehension challenges coming to the fore again:):oops::rolleyes:;):)

    My Dad used to work with some fairly nasty chems and the amount of individuals who would wander up - even with warning signs in place - fag dangling out of mouth, when he was working with such, was incredible, not only that but they would have, through said fag, ended up breathing a nice toxic concoction of chems:eek::D:rolleyes:


    I understand about you not Posting such comments (I was joshing with you!:D)

    I have no need, or urge, to ask Peter for advice on this aspect of the matter (although I would if I needed to, regardless of his 'commentary'), as I said I have inside info on the subject matter, some from the mobile phone industry and some from other sources, which are best left unmentioned (for a myriad of reasons and a word that rhymes with 'reason');):D. As to Peter's education, he is a bright chap from what I remember/gather, so I merely mentioned those educational establishments vis a vis his colourful language;).

    I hope that clarifies such for you:)

    ATVB to one and all,