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    Available now, either direct or from all good book shops.

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    Peter Barnfield's memories of travelling over the Southern Railway's "Withered Arm" accompanied by his own wonderful photographs, all either taken on the journeys described or on other visits to the area in the period.

    Unashamedly nostalgic and containing some striking and atmospheric images, this is a well written account of how it was on these lost routes before they were all swept away. Superb black and white repro work throughout, all printed on to high quality art paper and in a properly sewn binding that won't fall apart no matter how many times you open its pages.

    I am pleased to say that it has been printed and bound by the Amadeus Press in Cleckheaton - thanks chaps for another great job well done!

    The stunning cover artwork is also available as a high quality 150 X 200 greetings card.

    Simon Castens

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  2. Pencarrow

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    Will be on my list at the next show I see you at. Looks a superb book.
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    You won't be disappointed Chris. I picked up a copy hot off the press from Simon yesterday and it's an absolute delight. Peter Barnfield is an extremely talented artist and this shines through in the choice of subject and the composition of his photographs. Highly recommended.