Flying Squad
Hi all,

LarkRail was a super show indeed - high quality and very friendly. I too spent some time talking to Giles Favell (thank you for your time), as well as Laurie Griffin and Peter Kirmond. Linda was very taken by the 2mm finescale and at the other end of the spectrum, Steve Cook's 7/8ths scale industrial stuff. I may have to fend off pressure to model pastures new. All the layouts were interesting and of a high standard, but I was particularly taken with York (2mm F/S), both in execution and concept.

A big thank you to the organisers and the catering department, and everyone who took the time to attend. We in fact spent the weekend away, visiting Tyntesfield today. Another great day out and recommended to those who like such things. We've only recently got back, but I did want to say how much we had both enjoyed LarkRail.


NHY 581

Western Thunderer
A lovely day out. More of a social amongst many friends really with the added bonus of some quite splendid modelling.

I was quite taken by Foxbury, a lovely little layout. However, Bethesda Sidings and Shelfie were my personal favourites. Tom, my lad, was much taken by Giles's wonderful radio controlled models which were simply exquisite.

I shall leave you with a snapshot of CK in action at the office........




Western Thunderer
Thoroughly enjoyed the day and really nice to meet up with old friends after a few years.
The refreshments were first rate, especially the cheese salad sandwich:bowdown:.
York in 2mm is simply stunning.
Thanks to Simon and Jerry for putting such a great show together.
I've finally decided to give up on the B&B couplings in favour of DG's, this will be done prior to it's next booking at Warley.
Sorry I couldn't join you for a pint afterwards but my other operator, Rich was not feeling too good as you know.



Western Thunderer
We thought LarkRail was a delightful show in every respect! Loved it! Sadly, Di was rather unwell , and we had to make a quick run for home, so we were sorry not to socialise afterwards.
The epitome of the ideal exhibition......
A very big thank you to Jerry and Simon - and it was delightful to chat to so many people. I'm rather sorry I was unable to put faces to names - I do apologise!
We thought that even things like lunch were pitched just right,!