Hidden Fiddle Yard Monitoring

Discussion in 'Techniques' started by cbrailways, 14 February 2021.

  1. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Has anybody ever used a CCTV system to monitor the sidings hidden from sight in a fiddle yard?
  2. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    We use CCTV to operate the layout. Especially for uncoupling points. A small six inch monitor is all that's required at the back of the layout. The layout is Abergavenny Black Brook.

    Newport Model Railway Society

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  3. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Hi Mike. Thanks for that. Do you any further details of the CCTV setup (camera type etc)?
  4. Allen M

    Allen M Western Thunderer

    I don't but have see the cheap baby alarms used successfully.
    Allen Morgan
  5. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Thanks for that. Do you any further details of the CCTV setup (camera type etc)?

    I'll get back to you, once I've found out.

  6. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

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  7. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Hi Mike. Thanks very much for searching that out for me. Very cheap price as well. I'll purchase one and try it out.
  8. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    I bought a couple of reversing cameras from Ebay for uncoupling, but I have yet to install them.
  9. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Camera and monitor arrived this evening. I'll set it up tomorrow and advise how it looks.
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  10. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    The kit didn't include an video lead nor 12v power supply so another order going in tomorrow.

    Note to Self: Remember to check the spec first when buying something electrical.
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  11. BR Group

    BR Group Active Member


    What did you buy? Was it the reversing monitor as mentioned above?


  12. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Yes, as suggested by Mike and Phil above, its a cheap(ish) car reversing camera and LCD monitor kit. I bought mine from AMAZON. Of course the power supply is normally the car battery (Lesson No.1) and I needed to have the monitor further away from the camera than in a standard car length (Lesson No.2). It came with a wireless connection kit, so I might try that out later, but that requires more power supply connections and I really want to keep the system simple if I can. Once I have assembled all the parts, hopefully in the next two days, I'll post some photographs of the setup.
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  13. Boyblunder

    Boyblunder Western Thunderer

    I bought the eBay model highlighted by Mike at £17. It was delivered very quickly, came with leads and I have lots of 12v supplies so it would have been a bargain. Unfortunately it doesn't work, absolutely no sign of life so I'm now waiting for a refund. Note to self: must stop buying electrical things, they seem to be allergic to me.
  14. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Well! After a lot of trial and error I couldn't get the system to work (camera seemed to be working but no picture on the LCD monitor), and after contacting AMAZON technical support, we both concluded that the LCD monitor was defective. Everything being returned for a full refund. Time for a rethink.
  15. BR Group

    BR Group Active Member

    A chance online browse found an idea of using an old smartphone, the only requirement is that the camera and wifi function still work. Download the ‘Alfred Camera’ app* and the iPhone will function just like a baby monitor and wirelessly connect with your iPhone, iPad or laptop. I used a cheapo car phone mount attached to the shed wall to hold the iPhone and recharge it after each session.

    *other apps are available
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  16. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Thanks for that idea.

    By the way, it would be nice to know your first name at least.
  17. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Interesting app.

    I don’t suppose the spooks in China or Russia (or Cheltenham) will be much interested in fiddle yard shunting, but I do wonder how secure these apps are.