Cookies G1 5 Plank Wagon (Fred Phipps kit)

Discussion in 'GB1. The 4 Plank or Greater Wagon Build' started by Steve Cook, 17 March 2018.

  1. Steve Cook

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    This is the latest kit from Fred, a glorious one piece body / underframe casting and a selection of supporting parts.

    It all comes in a box capable of storing the finished model

    5P1 Box.jpg

    The instructions are Fred's favoured format, text plus hand drawn diagrams

    5P2 Instructions.jpg

    A close up of the body in the raw

    5P3 Body1.jpg

    The rest of the bits in the kit

    5P4 Supporting Cast.jpg

    Let the prep work begin...after the Garden Railway Show has been visited :D
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  2. Simon

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    Anyone around?

    Steve, just refresh my memory before I b*gger something else up, can you remember whether you can fold Fred's etched to 90 degrees or do you have to plough the half etch out first?

    A bit of ploughing wouldn't go amiss I think:rolleyes:, but it has to nonetheless be said that Fred's wagon cast is a beautifully complete piece of work:bowdown:

    Sorry, back to my thread:oops:

    Given the liquid Easter sunshine I've just started prepping the kit....

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  3. D816Foxhound

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    From memory I've always just folded Fred's etches and not had any problems, but plough away if you feel the need!

  4. Simon

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    No need for ploughing, they fold up really nicely:)

    I do hope Steve finds this information useful:p

    Off to mess something else up now....

  5. Joe's Garage

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    Hi Steve and other G1 modellers, I know I have put a question in the G1 thread but by the looks of the two postings in this thread this kit by Fred Phipps looks very nice and quite modern(?). Any idea of price? Also what wagon is it?

    Still 03 is still in box, the O gauge 3 sidings project still bare, the US HO stock in box and a Hornby J15....still procrastinating and of course armchair reading........!!!!