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Discussion in 'Book Corner' started by unklian, 25 April 2016.

  1. unklian

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    I hope it is OK to ask here about a book I don't have ? I have been looking for info on cabooses, particularly from the south eastern states and I see that volume 2 of the Cabins, Crummies and Hacks series covers 'the south'. Does anyone on here have any of this series, are they any good, what sort of era do they cover ( all the cover pics seem quite modern to me ), are the pics one per railroad ?
    As well as that any one seen a drawing/diagram of a Central of Georgia wooden cupola caboose ? Even overall dimensions would be useful.
    Many thanks, Ian
  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hi Ian

    I've seen the series of books but have never purchased them. The photographs are mainly taken around the 1960-1985 era and are of all roads.

    It depends on what C of G caboose you'll be modelling as they had several wooden cupola types. Even ones they converted from freight cars :eek:. As the C of G was subsumed into the NS I'm not sure whether the Norfolk and Western Historical Society has acquired any of their drawings. I have trawled their website for track details although I'm modelling Cotton Belt (SSW).

    In my case since the SSW had variants of the International type made by Atlas my O scale conversion is made a tad easier :confused:?

    Cabooses (cabeese?) tend to be standard lengths and I came across this Ann Arbor version on t'web.

    Or is what your looking for similar to this?
  3. unklian

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    Thank you very much Dave,
    I was looking for something along these lines...
    . Central of Georgia caboose X70.jpg

    Which is pretty close to both the examples you have posted. I was hoping I could get some leading dimensions, like truck pivot centres for instance, the rest I could scale from photos or get from the general architecture shown in that Ann Arbour drawing . I did get a CD of diagrams for C of G locos , coaches and freight cars, but frustratingly it did not include cabooses. As I suspected the Cabins, Crummies and Hacks book is diesel era, whereas I am looking for forties and earlier steam era .
    I think I may have to join the C of G Historical Society to get really serious about this :)
    Thank you ever so for your answer Dave .
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  5. Jordan

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    Ah , yes - "Brother Love" of the O.G.R. Forum. :thumbs:

    Specialises in Cabeese, no mean Scratchbuilder, and I get the impression that what he doesn't know about them isn't worth writing down, either. ;)
  6. unklian

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    Thanks for the info on Brother Love, he does do some nice cab's for sure. I might have to join the OGR forum and ask him where he gets his info. Unfortunately I am looking for an HO scale caboose, or maybe a much bigger one if I can get detailed info. I have carried on digging through the net, and I am slowly getting the info I seek. I have seen the brass models done a few years ago now, they were limited to just 100 so are long gone. Ideally I would like American Model Builders to do one of their laser cut kits for a Central cab, well you never know .
    I did come across this full size one on e-bay and it did set me dreaming, what a wonderful hobby shed ....
    Cupola Caboose - Central of Georgia
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    In answer to the OP, I have the very book. I also have a couple more in the same series, one on gondolas/opens and another on MoW equipment. (The latter contains some wonderfully weird and wonderful contraptions that just beg to be modelled.) As reference books I find them very useful, if a bit limited as there is only one picture of each vehicle.

    Given I model the other end of the country, Michigan and New York State, I could be prepared to part with the caboose book as it is really of only limited interest. PM me if you're interested.


  8. unklian

    unklian Western Thunderer

    PM sent, thank you steve1