7mm C&L Bullhead Rail

Discussion in 'Permanent Way' started by Lancastrian, 12 February 2021.

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    Hi Ian
    You Possibly tell us a little bit about it as I am unable to access the site
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    It is a discussion on the new C&L bullhead rail being close to the the correct 95lb rail profile and therefore really code 131, certainly a different profile from previous, will still be called Code 125, although it is 7 thou taller, it is part of an up grade by C&L. There are pictures on the C&L website.
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    Thanks John

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    Update on C&L website:

    "I have received a number of enquiries from customers concerning the new rail profile. The previous supply of rail from the manufacturer was marketed under code 125. However, I had some concerns over its profile. The supplier managing the specification refused to correct the profile, despite my referring to the drawings contained in the 1926 specification for 95lb Bullhead Rail published under Standard Railway Equipment – Permanent Way. These drawings have now been re-formatted for 7mm scale, and the engineering diagrams have been used to produce new tooling for the rail, and rail chairs. The new rail profile is CODE 131, this is in fact the original rail code marketed by C & L, a good number of years ago, and before my ownership. How this change came about, I am not certain. but the original C & L tooling has been modified, or is in the process of being changed to make it compatible with the new CODE 131 rail which I am now producing.

    From this date, C & L 7mm rail will be marketed as Finescale 95lb Bullhead Rail CODE 131.

    I do have a residual stock of the original CODE 125 rail, both in HiNi and steel, which will be available on request.

    This has come about as the result of the on going replacement of the original tooling however where possible the original tooling is being refurbished for further use.

    The principle difference other than the change in profile is the rail height from code 125 to 131 is .007 of mm about the thickness of piece of paper