7mm Bleddfa Road

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Geoff, 27 September 2019.

  1. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    There's little harm in pausing construction to simply play trains...........

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  2. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    Very true Rob but to be honest I don't have much choice for I ran out of rail chairs this time last week, and am still waiting for a fresh supply. Still I have managed to lay the foundations for the level crossing and start planning the crossing keepers cottage.


    The proportions and layout of the crossing keepers cottage are not yet right, and this rough mock up as gone through many changes. The actual model of the building won't be as tall, will be slightly wider and the porch and chimney stack will be swapping hands. Though I am slowly loosing my 4mm scale eye I am still having problems in getting used to the size of things in 7mm scale, but I'm getting there :)


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  3. matto21

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    Although I'm sad to see the end of Llangunllo and Llanbister Road, I can't help but look forward to seeing this new masterpiece take shape!

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  4. john lewsey

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    I have to agree your modeling is just superb Geoff
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  5. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    Llanbister Road lives on Matt, its just in hibernation for now and an insurance policy in case my new project doesn't turn out as planned. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a masterpiece, but thanks all the same.:)

    Thank you John, at the moment everything looks a little rough and ready, in fact I was in two minds as to whether to post the WIP photos of the crossing scene.

  6. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

  7. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Like you Geoff at times I have difficulties comprehending the difference in size of 7mm modelling as against 4mm .
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  8. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    "Like you Geoff at times I have difficulties comprehending the difference in size of 7mm modelling as against 4mm" .

    Glad I'm not alone Alan, when I first started dabbling in 7mm scale everything looked weird and out of proportion. Fast forward to the present day and it is the other way around now and 4mm looks wrong! One thing that has helped me is to have a couple of scale figures to hand, which come in very handy as a reference when working out the height of buildings and other features.


    This early comparison between the shop and cottages intended for Llambister Road and the proposed Bleddfa Rd. goods shed really threw me, especially when the shed is classed as a small one! Please ignore the rough supports beneath the shed, the actual model will be supported by several brick pillars carved from DAS in true Gordon Gravett style.

    Going back to the first photo I thought the shed was too long until I placed a van alongside it. I think, well hope that you will agree with me when I say that it looks the right length now, though the canopy ends need shaping like the prototype to give adequate clearance.

    I certainly have no regrets about trading up, just wish I had taken the plunge years ago to be honest.

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  9. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    This, I'm sure, will be an issue for me, should I decide to move to 7mm. I say should, there is so many quality RTR models emerging that it is proving difficult to make that decision.

    Like many, I've been playing with OO for more years than I wish to recall and it is so familiar that it is second nature. As I say, difficult.

    That said, I can see the benefits...............

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  10. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    The decision was made easier for me Rob due to the mounting frustration of trying to handle the smaller 4mm scale parts, let alone see them clearly. It was getting to the point were I was spending more time on my hands and knees searching for dropped parts than I was modelling. As I type this I have just finished fitting some fishplates, how I managed to do that in the smaller scale I will never know. Of course the forthcoming Dapol 14XX also helped tip me over the edge, and I can see more following once they see it.

    I feel that 7mm scale would suit your style of modelling and just think of the fun you could have weathering goods stock. Were I in your shoes I would perhaps make a rough copy of one of the buildings on Bleat Wharf. A simple card fold up model would do, draw in the windows and doors and see if it works for you. It might take a day or two before your eyes adapt to the size of the thing, it might also be useful to download a point template or two to see what you might be able to fit into the space that you have. No doubt you will see the size of a point and think 'no way', but once the initial shock has worn off it won't seem as large.

    No for a word of warning, try and resist buying a wagon or worse still a wagon kit, at least for now, for once you have done that you will be well and truly on the slippery slope :)

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  11. John Duffy

    John Duffy Western Thunderer

    Like many I have succumbed to the attractions of 7mm and as you point out there are some really nice RTR products coming onto the market. In fact I bought myself a pannier and fitted sound to it as a bit of an experiment. Overall I think the sound fitting worked and I was a couple of steps down the road to drawing up a plan for a layout to use it on, then realised that everyone else appears to have a sound fitted pannier tank and is building a little layout to run it on.

    If you are considering something in the style of of Bleat Wharf, it might be worth thinking about a bit of kit building. There are lots of really nice 7mm kits available and if you are only ever going to need a couple of locos, its probably worth considering. I have certainly found the slippery slope a journey well worth taking. Enjoy.

  12. John Duffy

    John Duffy Western Thunderer

    Geoff, I am delighted to see your layout progressing. I have found myself regularly looking back at your work and finding inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop so keep posting. Thanks

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  13. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Trouble is lower end RTR is rather limiting, for my own modelled there is only one loco suitable, terrier 734 but this is way out of my modelling period. It is good more are being made but it still has a long way to go.
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  14. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    Thank you for your kind words John, much appreciated.


    Had Cyril Freezer been a fan of the LSWR rather than the Western then things might have been different, the trouble is the manufacturers know that anything G(WR) will sell. Still the way things are going something useful is bound to appear for you before long, well I hope so.

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  15. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    I agree about the handling of bits and bobs Geoff.
    I feel as if I might as well be wearing mittens at times..........As for the eyesight.....

    I'm flattered that you should think 7mm would suit my style of modelling and yes fun would be had with the weathering..

    However, I do like the idea of a building a building...........mmmmmm.........little woolly cells can give that some thought....

    As for the buying of a wagon...I have come close and am particularly taken with the Iron Minks from Minerva...

    Thanks John. I would indeed consider something akin to Bleat Wharf. Being the lazy sheep that I am, I will stick with RTR.......which brings me on to the next issue....

    Agree Peter. I am drawn to the impending 14xx from Dapol having long had a soft spot for the class and the Culm Valley in particlar. However, if I had a preference then something L&SWR would top the list.......A B4 would be nice, an O2 even better or a Well tank....add a nice Road Van and I'm a happy chappy. We can hope.

    As I say, we can but hope........the 14xx is rather jolly though.

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  16. Brian T

    Brian T Western Thunderer

    Never has a truer word been spoken....:D

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  17. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    That is how I started off Rob, Capt. K suggested that I had a dabble in 7mm whilst I was still working on Llangunllo, and look where that lead me! :rolleyes:
    All you need is some card and a couple of hours, there is nothing to lose if it doesn't work out for you, and as a bonus you will have scratched the 7mm scale itch. So you will have either got the idea out of your system, or dashed off to buy an Iron Mink;)

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  18. GrahameH

    GrahameH Western Thunderer

    It all started with a wagon as you may know Rob,

    Second kit build in progress....the Dean Goods wants a mate ;)

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    You know it makes sense !

  19. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Your work, as always Grahame, is exceptional.

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  20. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    So far I've got a Dapol 08, 8-10 wagons in various states from badly built, to unbuilt, two buffer stops, 10 lengths of PECO flexi for £10 and enough PECO individulay point parts for one point. Oh, I've also got a Zimo non sound chip, no DCC controller though. I think I might be hooked.

    I recall an O gauge shunting layout from the 80s, but couldn't remember it's name, saw it in the GOG small layouts book, it's Selbury Works Siding, been fascinated with warehouse shunting layouts ever since.

    I had to seal and tightly pack up all the above securely in a box to make sure I finish my Dublingham layout.

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