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  1. T

    6221 Queen Elizabeth

    So tonight saw the unboxing and start on the tender of this one, to give me a break from wagon and coach building. She'll be finished in LMS coronation blue and silver around the time she first entered service in 1937. I did start a build thread of the coaches on rm web but I've lost all the...
  2. Chas Levin

    Chas's workbench - an NER Covered Van

    Hello all, this workbench thread will cover my various modelling activites - mainly, but by no means exclusively GNR and LNER. Like a lot of people, I left the RTR railway and the mainly military Airfix kits of my youth and didn't return to modelling for about 30 years, by which time a renewed...
  3. Chas Levin

    Hello from Barnet

    Hello everyone, I joined a little while ago, after a fellow modeller kindly pointed me towards a thread on here about coach painting and lining that he thought I might find helpful for my current project and I found I needed to be a member in order to view the photos properly, which turned out...
  4. Marsh Lane

    An 'S' Scale Adventure

    Just a small opening salvo for a thread. I have swapped and changed between a few different scales in recent years, trying to fall on something that I felt was achievable for me, while at the same time trying to come up with an idea of a layout that was (again) achievable, but also small and...
  5. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - Festiniog Fancies

    In my usual scattergun approach to build schedules I am embarking on yet more new territory for me. Considering the contribution made to Britain's economy during the Industrial Revolution, the narrow gauge lines often seem to be overlooked by many. Today, they are slightly twee tourist things...
  6. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - Multiple Maunsells

    While I still have various other builds on, around and under the bench that ought to be taking my attention, sometimes I need to refresh my brain with something different. This time it's four Slater's Maunsell coaches, built in the 1930s, and running towards the end of the 1950s, or into the...
  7. Sandy Harper

    On Sandy's Workbench (Ace A3)

    If I knew then, what I know now! I didn't heed the advice! This build has been chronicled in another place, but here is the short version. What I started with on the 27th July '17...... .....what I finished with before going into the paint shop 5th November '17
  8. simon.bolton

    Simon's Stuff.

    I'd thought I'd start off my first proper Thunder-thread with a picture of the most recent items to escape my work-bench. First is a P4 LSWR G6 built for a friend and beautifully painted by Warren Haywood; when I build my 7mm X6 I want it in that colour. And then there's my 7mm Ford B0-Bo...
  9. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - wider and longer

    More GWR broad gauge malarkey, this time a pair of eight-wheeled coaches. As I type, I've photographed the parts, made a list of parts I need, and settled into a head-scratching mode as I ponder the first step. Oh my, what have I let myself in for! This is the body kit for a diagram E3...
  10. oldravendale

    Building an Ace Kits "K"

    This could be interesting........ The reputation of Ace Kits is, to be altruistic, less than stellar. However, Ace Kits are amongst the least expensive of all kits (currently this is £149.99 including tender) so I'm expecting that there may be some problems and a need to replace some of the...