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    I'm using Win 10 & Chrome, today some photos are just green blocks with jpg numbers e.g. Martin Shaw’s IMG_1019.JPG, most others are showing OK. They are all visible if I click on the jpg reference and "Open image in new tab”. Very odd.
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    My sincere apologies to everyone for this - I am still pushing the hosting company to get a resolution.

    This is the best option I can suggest for the minute. Rather than refreshing a page as Robin suggests for any missing image then a right click on the missing image icon an open the image in a new tab will usually open up the photo. I've given them a list of server settings to check and I'll chase them up tomorrow to see what the answer is.
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    in case it is not clear how to demonstrate the problem, a simple way is to open a list view of the forum, hold the ctrl-key and click quickly on a couple of thread titles. Each click will open a tab in the browser. Most of the time, only two tabs open successfully, the third one has missing pictures and the next one already already delivers "403 forbidden".
    I a still convinced that this is a site overload issue like limiting php running time or the like.
    You have my deep symphathy. Webservers are ugly beasts. I am lucky that I only have to supply the hardware and operating system at my job, but not the maintenance for the webservers. :eek::eek:

  4. adrian

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    Thanks for that - it is appreciated.

    A quick update - I have corrected all the "anomalies" they identified like file permissions to eliminate the "usual suspects" so I have managed to get them to look a bit closer home and consider what changes they implemented. It now transpires they enabled an Apache (that's the core application that generates the web pages we see) module called mod-evasive. A simple (by which I mean not very intelligent!) module which is designed to prevent a denial of service attack. So when we all see a new post on Crymlyn A Shop or the EM workbench and dive on the post with interest the new module being super sensitive has decided this is a denial of service attack - bombarding the same image file with read request!

    So I've asked them to disable the module to test if that actually is the culprit, if it is the problem then either leave it turned off if they can otherwise relax the settings a little so that it isn't so damn sensitive!
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    I googled mod-evasive a bit and it looks like this could actually cause the problem. My way to open all threads with new articles via tabs in a short period of time would quite likely trigger this tool.
    fingers crossed!!

    and again, thanks for all the work, if you need assistance or a second thought, I volunteer.

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  6. LarryG

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    If overload is the problem, I am happy for the Mods to ditch some of my old threads such as the one covering buses. I am acutely aware of band space or whatever one calls it and am forever cleaning up my threads by removing images.
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    Don't worry image overload is definitely not the problem, we have plenty of space to store them. I suppose if you want an apt and current analogy think of it we're currently on a Covid Tier 3 lockdown. So like a normal photo gallery (or shop etc) in the past we could allow everyone in to view the photos, after the hosting company update we are on lock down and the number of visitors is severely restricted. So only a couple of members are allowed to view the photo at any one time, the rest of us just see an empty box. Then as they move onto another photo we are able to show the photo to the next two members. So we have plenty of room for the photos we just have problems getting the visitors through the door. I'm hoping the hosting company can relax the restrictions and we can get more people through the door.
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    Hi Larry.

    Please don't remove the bus thread if it's not needed. It's most interesting as the contents reflects (on the whole) a period I remember well, and one in which there were so many variations rather than the design blandness (and I understand about the efficiencies this engenders) we have come to recognise today.

    I know not a lot about buses but the images bring back many memories.

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    WT is not the only site to have this problem. It seems to be affecting PPRUNE, also a xenforo site. Most of the threads are picture poor but the Phantom Friday one is up to WT standards with loads of photos. It took about 10 seconds to load the pictures and video of the last Japanese F4 retiring from front line service.

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    Thanks Brian (oldravendale). It was just a thought if it would help out. Thanks also Adrian for explaining the root of the current problems.
  11. adrian

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    I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I think that the image loading and access problem may have been fixed!! Out of tier 3 lockdown! :)

    The web hosting error log has now been clear of any error messages about access denied for 10 minutes - whereas I was seeing about 6 a minute previously. I'll update on details later but in the meantime if any current visitors could offer some feedback for me. If you remember a photo intensive page where you were seeing problems if you could go back and check - is it working correctly now?

    Many thanks - and once again my humble apologies for taking so long to get this (hopefully) resolved.


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  12. adrian

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    Now 30 minutes and no client denied error messages. Fingers crossed. :drool:
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    Had a browse tonight, no issues to report.

    thanks for your efforts!
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    Hi Adrian.

    Thank you. All messages and attachments now posting like "in the old days".:) Apologies not required and your work in getting this sorted out is much appeciated.

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    Hi Adrian,

    Ditto from me.