Gauge O Guild Virtual Show. 31st October 2020

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    Oh dear the second link is no better....

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    Two days to go until the Gauge O Guild Virtual Show.
    We have been running training sessions for the Chairmen and Presenters and getting prepared for the Live sessions so, we want to share as much as possible to help you get ready. We hope this will be helpful.
    The has also been updated so make sure you plan which 'Live' events you will join on the day. They will all be recorded so the ones you miss will be available after the event.
    The team have been doing a huge amount of work and we are really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday
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  4. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    The Countdown Clock is running on our website...
    Not long until the doors open for the Gauge O Guild Virtual Show 09:30 until 17:00. Saturday 31st October 2020

    Three big announcements tomorrow
    10.30 from Dapol Ltd
    11:00 from Minerva Models Railways
    13:00 from Ellis Clark Trains

    Visit the timetable of Live activities in the Main Hall when the doors are open and you will find the links for the appropriate times plus much more.
    So many things to see and watch.
    Just pull up a chair in the comfort of your own home and enjoy


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  5. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    Lots of things happening at the show today

    Dapol Ltd have launched an O gauge railcar

    Minerva have launched the Great Western Minks

    Ellis Clark Trains has launched the Wickhams with trolleys


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    A great job Jackie, probably be the way for the future even if we return to traditional shows, a virtual show of some kind could be run along side for those who can't or don't wish to travel to a show.
    As part of the Love Lane team I enjoyed the, too short ( not a complaint :) ), Zoom meeting earlier not only to hear peoples questions and comments but to be able to respond to them as well.

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    Well, I dipped in but the technology defeated me. I kept being referred back to the Zoom confirmation page and then when I'd completed that it couldn't find the show. In the end I gave up, but it's down to no previous experience of Zoom and my qualifications as a total technophobe.

    The small bits I saw, including the layouts, were very good and interesting. The quality of the stuff in the modelling competition was excellent as usual.

    All in all I'll continue to be less than enthusiastic about virtual shows but that's down to me and no reflection on the considerable efforts which went in to making this a reality.

    Jackie - our grateful thanks.


    PS - Just tried to get in again and I'm told that our host has another meeting in progress.......
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    Very very impressive I thought, I had a good time listening in to Love Lane, learnt a lot too, much more happy now to attempt white metal soldering. There's plenty to go back to over the coming weeks as well.

    I 'went' with a friend, we were chatting over Skype on second devices.

    Very well done to Jackie and the Guild.

    Thank you.
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    What's a "post attendee", because apparently that's what I was.:) My mother always said I'd be late for my own funeral, so perhaps it had something to do with that.

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    I thought the show was superb. On today's news from the PM, I am beginning to have doubts as to when model railway shows will restart. Perhaps not until Ally Pally or RAILEX at the earliest?
    However, on today's showing, there is clearly a lot to be said for a virtual event such as we had today. The interviews with say, Peter Besant (of PRMRP) which went into how a modeller evolved into being a trader/designer were the sort of things that could well be templates for articles in the Gazette - in the way that MRJ had interviews with David White and Martin Finney years ago.
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    The post attendee page appears when you leave a Zoom meeting.
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    I watched a few recordings of Saturday's sessions last night and I was really impressed. Some excellent content, well presented and most of the videos were just the right length. Well done to Jackie and all the Guild members involved.
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    Many thanks for the advice. As I said initially, any failure to see or do what I wanted to do was entirely down to my technical failures.

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    There was, although a late addition, a link somewhere to a note on how to use Zoom. The problem is that you can't practice.

    Most of the show content will be there for another two weeks and once converted to video format the live sessions will also be available to view.

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    Thank you John. I'll try dipping in during the next couple of weeks. I believe (will have to check) that the format will be via YouTube which I find I'm entirely competent to use! :)

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    Most of the videos were on YouTube. By using YouTube for videos and Zoom for the live sessions, the Guild server was quite lightly loaded and thus handled several thousand visitors quite easily.

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  17. Threadmark: You can still visit the Gauge O Guild Virtual Show
    Jackie Kneeshaw

    Jackie Kneeshaw Active Member

    Good morning
    Just to let you know that you can Revisit the Virtual Show content direct from the front page of the Gauge O Guild website and the recordings of the Live sessions are gradually being added.

    Please note these recordings are 'as they happened' so include background noises, variable video quality and other recording issues.

    The aim is to give people an opportunity to listen to the presentations, hear the questions and answers and watch the live demonstrations

    You can also view the competition winners


    Thank you
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    • great show Jackie, well done to all the team, enjoyed the instructional videos. Ken
  19. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    With the 28 days of lock down starting yesterday, I have been asked by quite a few people, if the Gauge O Guild (GOG) virtual show content can stay on the GOG Website until 30th November . This will enable visitors to view it at leisure, recap on demonstration tips and look at the layouts again to provide inspiration for all the modelling that will happen again over the next 28 days.
    This extension to viewing has been agreed. It does not interfere with the website function or speed because in effect, the website is acting as a navigation platform and the bulk of the content (videos, and Zoom recordings) are held on the Gauge O Guild YouTube site playlist.

    I am finalising the feedback and statistics but to aid on-going analysis of your comments, please use the Feedback form within the show. This was our first 'Virtual Show' and your views will inform future virtual events
    It can be accessed at the bottom of each page in the show.

    Just visit the front page of our website. The Gauge O Guild

    Thank you

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