Underlay, what's your poison ?

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  1. paulc

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    Many thanks Jim at the moment the ballast is laid dry with no side affects like jamming up gears . As one friend said , British railways have been getting away with it for years so why shouldn't it work for you . I had no reply to that .
  2. Phil O

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    I'm just starting an experiment by using foam board as a track base. I have started by sticking my Templot print out to it using spray mount and have stuck copper clad sleepers down using 151 general purpose glue, for the inset track and plywood sleepers using Tacky Glue for the normal track work.
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    Yes, but do they take their lines to shows?
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    Re the latex glue......I've bought 500ml pots (sold as theatrical skin or similar) off of EBay.....much cheaper than actual Copydex, but it looks, feels and ....smells just like it.
    I've tried it on the new Peco Bullhead and seems to give pretty good results, the main thing being it basically is a 'permanent fix' for the permenant way.....where as pva can be released by pouring hot water over the track.

    Ok.....I never use the track again....but as everything is laid on top of cork sheets, after a few moments with a spatula the track bed or cork is as good as new.

    As for sound deadening, I cant see that it makes any difference, certainly not in 4mm anyway where I can hardly hear anything anyway.
  5. Alan

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    Can any of you who have used the Woodland Scenics foam underlay tell me what glue did you use to stick it down. Did you use the Foam Tack Glue as suggested on the packet or PVA or some other adhesive? I normally use Gorilla glue version of PVA. And what glue to stick the track to the underlay?
  6. Alan

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    Decided to do the sensible thing and reread the whole thread. I should have done that before posting my question in the previous post. Having now re -read the thread I've decided to use Copydex. I thought if I do make a mistake it will be far easier to correct than if I used Gorilla glue.
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    Just a heads up not to use photo spray mount for gluing Templot profiles. A couple of months later, just as you think you have finished everything it will come unstuck as proved on Love Lane yet again last week. Carpet underlay spray may well be fine but you will have to get the alignment right first time. Robin
  9. Phil O

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    Spray mount seems to be ok for sticking Templot templates to foamboard, but rubbish for sticking foamboard to plywood baseboards. I had to remove what track I had laid and remove the foamboard. Since sticking the foamboard down with pva and the templates with spray mount, so far all seems to be ok.
  10. 76043

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    With regards to foamboard, Scalescenes recommend glue sticks for card to paper glueing, as foamboard is a coated card surface this would also seem to apply. I've just completed one Scalescenes model with glue sticks and a month in all is well... fingers crossed!

    My experience with spray mount was the old Letraset permanent type, (brown or red can I think?) this was the only stuff that didn't come unstuck, unlike the Letraset blue can.

  11. Phil O

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    I used some spray mount from Range, a few bob cheaper than 3M, I assume it's their own brand.
  12. Lancastrian

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    See my post on Page 2 of this thread, reply #32.

    Aerosol carpet adhesive will let go eventually. UHU contact adhesive spread over your choice of underlay is best for Templot plans from my experience.

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    Ok having a huge roll of top quality brown wrapping paper (BWP) leads me to wonder if Templot plans could be printed direct to the BWP.

    It’s a few steps down the road yet but I guess folks get their plans printed at a commercial print shop on a long roll of their standard plain white paper?

    It looks like the BWP is coated - so probably unsuitable for modern printing methods.
    I probably won’t find a print shop prepared to try a long sheet of BWP through their mega-costly printer!

    On the other hand the commercial print shops have some very interesting plan printing material available - plasticised, coated, re-enforced, etc so there may well be the perfect material out there for track plan prints using Dave’s very interesting method.
    (OK, OK, I’m worried the BWP won’t be strong enough :D )
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    Interesting thread, I've been using contact adhesive to glue down scalescenic foam underlay with success. I am however using watered down PVA to hold the ballast. I'm going to listen to the noise level next time I am at the club and it is quiet...
  15. simond

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    I use latex rather than PVA. It seems to stick well, and it doesn’t turn granite clippings green.

    I appear to have lost it, but I have a 1.5 litre polycan of the stuff somewhere, I got it from Screwfix, cost a tenner. It must be in the garage...