Silver-soldering loco construction

Discussion in 'Techniques' started by Giles, 26 July 2015.

  1. JohnFla

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    Tom, My only reservation would be putting the RSU on it's highest setting, as It would probably melt a nice hole in the piece you want to solder, Dont ask me how I know though. :rolleyes:
  2. Giles

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    Hi Tom - within limitations, it certainly would - but yes, they're well capable of getting the job too hot! Have a play with appropriate bits of scrap, as fine-tuned, it would be a very reasonable way of getting localised heat in quickly. I personally find a flame quite flexible enough - but the more techniques the better!
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  3. Giles

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    I had forgotten that I had already used an RSU to silver solder bits onto the Garratt.......

    (From another thread) ........It will (under some circumstances) - on the Garratt, there is a step mounted on the front of the buffer beam, with the lower step mounted off the back of the buffer beam directly behind it...... I didn't spot this'll until I was fitting the last details. Of course the solution was to silver solder one of them on and soft solder the other one on - but I couldn't risk using a torch, as there were white metal castings immediately behind, and all-sorts soft-soldered together.....
    So I got my old RSU out and silver-soldered one of the steps on using that (in an effort to keep the heat as localised as possible). It worked, at any rate.
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  4. Giles

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    Finally finished - apart from weathering and couplings (which I'll do later).

    I'll write this one up in NG&IR with Roy's indulgence. It's about as small as I'm capable of building, and was having quite enough trouble seeing what was going on. How these chaps can see to do 4mm beats me!

    The valve gear would have been a nightmare to soft solder on this, particularly as some of the pieces were too delicate for purpose, so silver soldering the pins in has reinforced them.


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    Quite lovely..!

  6. AJC

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    That's rather lovely Giles and, speaking as 'one of those 4mm chaps', I always wonder how the 7mm boys can justify omitting so much visible detail... ;) Not yourself, obviously: this is exquisite. Wrens are such sweet little engines and this is a marvellous rendition.

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  7. Giles

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    I do agree - likewise some occasionally see narrow as an opportunity to skimp - but all these things need detailing and care.

    There's still a little more weathering to by done (particularly a blow of soot over the top) but it's now off the urgent list!

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    Hello Giles,
    As a new member I have been negotiating myself around this site and stumbled upon your thread. Great information and exquisite modelling.