7mm Shelby Wood Sidings

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    Thanks, John (another great name!).
    That's brilliant! I can now (just) see the kite string on the first pics, they're very fine.
    Just by the bye, when I joined Mickleover MRC back in oh, about 1983 - I believe there were about six Johns there so we all had to use our full name, i.e. John Edge, JDK, etc, etc
    I think all my clubs have usually had at least one other John but six was the maximum!
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    One of my previous clubs had three Peters. Peter 1 Peter 2 and Peter 3. :))

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    Extension board loaded with 3 of in bound trains. These will be dropped off to be shunted/sorted by the sidings 08 according to how the drawn dice dictate.
    Once built the trains will be collected and run off back onto the board.

    Please do not mention the wonky door handle or chipped paint work, Mrs PT is already nagging me to 'Get the decorating finished" :D

    John :):)

    20190304_110900.jpg 20190304_110926.jpg 20190304_110936.jpg 20190304_110955.jpg
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    One of the jobs I have had to put off over the past few weeks was an upgrade to the fish plates on my track. This afternoon I managed to get around to tackling the fiddley task.

    Having bought some plastic fish plates from C&L Finescale I set about getting them in place. The only thing required to make them fit well is to remove the tab from the back of each one. It is then just a case of gluing them in place.
    Remember they are in pairs 1 plate has 4 nuts on while it's partner has 4 round heads on.

    Once the glue was dry I just added a dab of rusty coloured paint to each one.

    John :)

    PS please excuse the loose static grass I need to hoover it up.


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    Work is progressing well John.
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    Just caught up with this thread John, after being otherwise engaged. Like the extension - it all makes for more entertaining operation. Keep up the excellent work.
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    On a warm sunny afternoon in May 1957 ex GWR Pannier 5717 awaits departure from Shelby Wood Sidings with an up mixed goods train.

    Colourised photo from the collection of 'Young Brian'.

    20190512_123157 (2).jpg 20190512_124705.jpg

    John :)
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    It also makes for a most entertaining operation when anyone wants to leave the room.
    I think your next project John should be a foot bridge to crossover the tracks. ;)
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    2 x 61 = Very Happy.

    His and Hers 61xx, mine is the Black one, the Green one belongs to Mrs PT.

    20190517_150659.jpg 20190517_150624.jpg 20190517_150755.jpg 20190517_150707.jpg

    John :)
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