7mm Pete's workbench. LMS Jubilee. LNER F1

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    Thanks for the information Larry. I will file it away for future use.
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    I believe the green lower cab roofs was a Derby thing, Crewe painted the whole roof black. But you know sometimes but not always rule:confused:
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    I’ve also got many photos of black splasher tops, had this discussion with Ian many times.
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    Almost there. The jubilee just needs maybe one or two evening session to finish. I need to sort out lamp irons I managed to break two. I did also find there were no loco tender couplings, should of looked earlier, so made 2 slightly different lengths.

    IMG_20190512_155113371.jpg IMG_20190512_155106625.jpg IMG_20190512_155020632.jpg IMG_20190512_155028203.jpg IMG_20190512_155055283.jpg

    The photos show with the loco and tender coupled with the shorter bar. I suppose I ought to get back the the 1262, although the smallest, is putting up the biggest fight.
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    QUOTE : I think I'm going to blacken the handrails, I think they need dulling down.

    'When BR adopted the GWR green livery, there was a lot more green paint than in GW days. Handrails, sandbox backing plates, 'footplate' around the Tender and tops of splashers were green as well as lots of detail parts and of course the running plate angle. In some cases, the cab roof was green up to the gutter strip ~ probably to match a Stanier curved top Tender.'

    Hand rails were officially to be black under BR. The WR continued to paint hand rails the background colour, except at the cab entrance where they were unpainted. The 'footplate' around the tender was painted green by GWR. The WR painted the tops of splashers black except for the County Class, and splashers adjacent to the fire iron tunnel. Crewe painted splasher tops green, as did the ER. On the SR things varied - I have photos of Schools with both black and green splasher tops. I have yet to see a photo of a Nelson or Arthur where the colour can be discerned. Warren hasn't shown me his photos yet! The only extra bit of green on a WR loco was the footplate angle (hanging bar, valence) which, perversely, remained unlined while all the other regions lined them.
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