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Discussion in 'New members' started by bri.s, 28 April 2019.

  1. bri.s

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    Hi guys

    I’ve been a member here a while but never really posted
    I was a member of another online forum but since it’s changed I didn’t really get on with the new version so left .
    I also left a lot of groups on Facebook due to loosing interest in the hobby for a while.
    However I’ve recently found my modelling mojo and hope to get on with my layout and projects
    I model in 7mm scale and have started to build a layout in my loft which is 21feet long by 10 feet wide
    It’s based in or around southyorkshire
    I’ve been into BR blue diesels thanks to the likes of heljan and dapol
    But I’ve recently started to hanker for steam locos and have so far part built a Ace products C14 and recently bought the dapol jinty which is a real nice model

    Once I’ve made a little more progress I’ll start a layout thread

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  2. Heather Kay

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    Welcome (again!) Brian.

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  3. bri.s

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    Thankyou Heather
  4. Osgood

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    Ah. So the red tractor in your avatar will be an International then . smiley-sherlock.gif
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  5. Stewart

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    Or a David Brown