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Discussion in 'New members' started by Mikemill, 6 February 2020.

  1. Mikemill

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    I am a life long model engineer and GWR enthusiast, currently building Gauge 3 loco’s and stock using a CNC milling machine. I have a large workshop with two lathes and two milling machines, that also houses my indoor Gauge 1 model railway.

    I look forward to conversing with members of WT on methods and details of model railway construction

  2. Dog Star

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    As Heather says so often... the currency here is photos, photos, photos...
  3. JimG

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    Welcome aboard - good to see another CNC user around.

  4. adrian

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    There's a phrase we don't see every day! Welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing what you are building. The first question of interest to me are they live steam or electric?
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  5. Mikemill

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    Here are a few pics of recently completed G3 locos, they are R/C electric powered
    P1100476B.jpg P1100480B.jpg P1100476B.jpg P1100480B.jpg P1100476B.jpg P1100476B.jpg

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  6. GrahameH

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    Welcome, some superb engineering and even more so as its one of my most favourite locomotives.
  7. Mike W

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    Welcome Mike. Think you'll be among like minded people on here.