4mm Morfa - The race is run.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Neil, 18 June 2010.

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    I'm in tune with you there, Heather. I'm a member of a club with an extensive 7mm layout and can run my stock there. However, I gain most enjoyment from building locos and stock. It's good to see them running and I always endeavour to get them as free running as possible but I gain a huge amount of pleasure completing them and seeing them in a display case.

    Guess it takes all sorts......

    I take your comments on board, though, Phil. I think your feelings are the same as most. In my case I'd get limited enjoyment from running stuff from one end of a layout to the other - except at exhibitions, of course. And I enjoy building locos and stock rather more than scenics and buildings. The final nail in the coffin of layout building though is that I have so many kits insulating the loft that I frankly stand little chance of ever completing all the prototypes I'd like to produce in miniature. In fact I take the view (as I think I've expounded previously) that I was put on this earth to complete a certain number of projects and right now I am so far behind that I will never die.:)

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    The future for Morfa and the rest of the Cambrian Coast line had been looking bleak for some time but late last year the writing was really on the wall as posters started to appear at stations up and down the line.

    morfa closure notice.jpg

    Though passenger services and revenue freight stopped running in mid November it has been possible to witness engineering movements concerned with demolition and material recovery trundling through Morfa. However demolition has now reached the particular section of the line that is of particular concern to us. Late yesterday afternoon the track gang were spotted ready to lift rail between Morfa and the bridge over the Mawddach Bach.

    morfa demo 1.jpg

    morfa demo 2.jpg

    Work stopped just short of Morfa as the light faded and the crew headed back to Machynlleth, hoping that the rain would hold off for tomorrow and give them an easy Friday and the prospect of an early finish for the weekend.

    morfa demo 3.jpg
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    I clicked 'like' but... :-(
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    Who knew the day before my fourth birthday would carry such sadness.
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    How delightfully sad, are they "pulling out all the stops" and coming back tomorrow or will it be next week now...

    In the meantime I'm nonetheless looking forward to the unfolding of whatever you are hatching next:thumbs:

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    Tomorrow has been and gone and it looks like all the stops were pulled out.

    morfa demo 4.jpg
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    Liked, but...
  10. Jon Gwinnett

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    Also, not mentioned this before, but the patina on the wriggly tin hut is top notch
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    The gaffer is looking a bit to pleased with himself there. He should keep his head down around these parts!
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    It will make a lovely cycle track:p

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    A slightly sad start to a Saturday morning, knew it was coming, but its a shame to see it take place :(
    It does mean its been nearly a year since we did the mudflats, blimey, that was quick.
    I hope the change means there is positive news in other areas though :)
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    That's just really sad. I blame the unelected officials in the Department for Transport for going against what their Minister would have wanted.
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    Was Iucky enough to be at NeiI's Iast weekend to see the Iast through trains.... sniff!
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    Did the Branch Line Society manage to get any final train organised once they became aware of the closure?? Be nice to see any photos from the passengers if they did.
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    Where's an ambitious preservation group when you need one?

    Not that they are a real substitute for 4' 8 and a bit, but might the trackbed and especially the trestle bridge be more suited to a narrow gauge operation?
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    Gone and never called me mother!:'(:'(