Missenden Railway Modellers go on line.

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    Have you ever wondered what goes on a Missenden Railway Modellers’ Weekend or even been tempted to book a place? The current situation with Covid means that the Summer and now the Autumn gatherings have been cancelled. The organisers have therefore decided to provide a virtual Missenden experience drawing on the resources and expertise normally only available at Missenden. This means that anyone who is interested can access all the on-line content on 17th and 18th October at no charge.

    The first online offering will include a modelling resource of tips and tricks that we have collected over the years with many contributions from current and former tutors.

    Much of the Missenden experience is interacting with other modellers, sharing ideas and solutions and finding new, and sometimes better, ways of resolving the difficulties that we all face.
    For a few years, we published a manual of such tips and ideas and this will now be available on the website. We are also planning to extend and improve this facility.

    In addition, there will be new content provided by current tutors and a number of our regular attendees. There will also be a number of live sessions which require booking.

    The main Missenden Home Page is here:

    Missenden Railway modellers courses with a hands-on approach

    And the event page is here:

    Autumn Weekend 2020 Online Event – Missenden Railway Modellers

    Chris Hopper
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    Great idea. Will there be recordings available afterwards?
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    The plan is certainly to record the sessions and make them available after the event.
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    Today - Thursday 15th - is the last day for registering for the zoom sessions - they close at midnight.
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    Ian Rathbones video on lining coaches loses the picture halfway through.
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    Thanks - we'll have a look.
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    We thought it may be browser related but it looks a little more complex. We'll fix it but it may take a while.
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    Many thanks to you all for taking the time to put on some great demo’s And videos. Although not watched all as yet, I will over the coming days I’m sure, especially now winter has arrived this side of the pond.
    Again many thanks
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    Hi Chris,

    I have just book marked your site, amazing. Especially the DCC section it has been a great help to a newbie like me.

    Regards Martyn..
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    Hi Gilbert,

    Thanks for putting the videos online and also running the zoom sessions. Enjoyed the chats by both Jerry and Mick.
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    The Missenden Railway Modellers virtual Autumn Weekend has drawn to a close but all the content remains on line here:

    Virtual Missenden – Autumn 2020 – Missenden Railway Modellers

    The weekend included a number of live zoom sessions which have been recorded and are available here:

    Virtual Missenden – Recordings – Missenden Railway Modellers

    If you have a few minutes and whether you are a Missenden regular or not we would be very keen to hear any feedback which you can leave here:

    Virtual Missenden – Feedback – Missenden Railway Modellers


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    Thanks for correcting the lining video
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