7mm Millicent Street

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Rippers, 16 June 2014.

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    I also raised the matter with Alan. Though I no longer run a 'Classic' I have enough chums who still do and could have arranged a scanning session of a few suitable examples.

    But I think he had enough on his plate at the time..
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    Rippers,I must take you to account on printing photos of my greenhouse and pretending its a model:p. On the subject of old bikes,my old RE meteor leaked oil through the porous ally chaincase:shit: but I loved that b******.

    regards Rog
  3. Rippers

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    Reacting to comments the dowdy army surplus green finish to the temporary fish and chip shop was more a 1940's/50's look.
    Thus, after a degree of research it is now undergoing a 1960's style makeover...…...

    Needs the signwriting adding and a degree of toning down as it I a bit too bright in the subdues hues of the layout at present.
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    So tacky and 50's! Superb!!
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    Looking at those "waves", I'm feeling more than a little sick.
  6. Stewart

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    Super modelling, are you able to show a track plan?

    Thank you.

  7. AJC

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    If you take a glance at the first post, you may be rewarded with an overview of the track on boards...

  8. Stewart

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    Hi Adam

    Many thanks, I noticed that picture just after I posted my request for a track plan.

    You are all creating an amazing layout, us it your plan to exhibit?

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  9. Rippers

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    Cheers, that is he plan but we will not be accepting invites until we can be sure both it (and us as operators) will be ready.:D
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  10. Pencarrow

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    Apologies for dregging up an old post but could you give more details on the sources you've found for true scale 1:43 road vehicles covering the 50s and early 60s? Much appreciated.
  11. Alan

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    I too would find that information useful.
  12. Purple-haze

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    Also,did you get to show any of the work in progress as part of the city of culture celebrations?

  13. Rippers

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    Sometimes you have to take a step back and be prepared to undo work in the interest of the overall finished model.
    Though not actually wrong (photo of similarly updated chips shops exist), the jazzy 1960's was less 'Backstreet Hull' and more 'Bridlington Seafront' and as such, to me when I considered it. The new finish jarred with the overall look of the layout.
    Thus I have dialled it back a bit, eradicated the blue waves and gone with a more typical left over from the 1950's and seen better days look...…….and yes there is a small window missing in the pictures...…….it pinged off into that area of the room known as infinity at the point I was fitting it!
  14. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    Sadly no. This layout in its original form was intended as an educational piece to show life in a typical area of the city 50 year prior to the Hull COC year. (It would have had ambient sounds, photos displays etc). However such things weren't even considered as part of what was wanted (the displays that were held were mainly out of area performers brought in and very little of the area actual history).

    Hence the delay and the fact that we have altered the intention of the finished model.
  15. Rippers

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    No problem. Though the situation regarding the availability of good 1/43 scale road vehicles is steadily improving courtesy of the likes of Oxford Diecast. There are other options out there (including for more run of the mill stuff if you are prepared to search for it).

    Though the motorcycles I am currently experimenting with are either Cararama or Shucco Piccolo models. Other vehicles have come to me via Partworks (many not intended for the UK - but available though specialist diecast dealers, toyfairs or Ebay and likely made by the likes IXO so are generally to a high standard). I tend to keep an eye on the Partwork forums to see what is out there or coming out and then look out for the models I might want.
    Take this Mog for example. 1/43 scale, captures the look and shape really well. Diecast and plastic construction with plenty of separate detailing parts (and seemingly larger than the one lump Corgi version often referred to as 1/43).
    Couple of small issues if like me you know the vehicles really well but nothing that couldnt be corrected. Some interesting oversights too - like its RHD but has pedals in the left hand footwell and a mirror n the LHS only!. (suggesting it was scaled form a LHD prototype and altered!).

    I have old seen this model issued once so far (in a European set of Police Vehicles of the world) and completely different form the Police set issued here which were old Corgi/Vanguard castings. I picked a few up for around 12 quid each!.

    You can find similar detail Ford Anglias, Consuls, Trumph Herald, A35 .even a S3 Morris Oxford. if you look. Plus some buses, trucks and even an Mini Wildgoose camper!
  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    I'd leave the pane missing or board it up.

    The same cannot be said for figures though - I'm modelling the 1967-68 period and there is a dearth of suitable 1/43 figures. Plenty if you're modelling the 30's through to the early 60's though.

    It's also making sure you have the correct vehicle model for the period - I couldn't have a Mk3 mini on a 1968 layout.... as they were introduced in 1969. Those knowledgeable about vehicles will spot this in the same manner as railway modellers about rolling stock etc....:eek:!
  17. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    Same with many details...

    Lost count of the times my wife has spotted cattle breeds on layouts that didn't exist in this country at the time they were set.

    ………..research has to be all encompassing!
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  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    It certainly does - which is why I enjoy the Millicent Street saga. Attention to detail in all areas :thumbs:.
  19. Rippers

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    A bit more messing about and aside from adding the chimney for the fryers all is done...….
    Well, I am sure I will find something to change !
    Last job is likely to be the addition of a queue outside consisting of 3D scanned figures of the layouts builders!:D
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  20. Neil

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    If you're going for a proper queue how about these one time Hull residents. Could have fun with others, Philip Larkin, Prescott (Jag parked at the kerb), Maureen Lipman, Lillian Bilocca, Alan Johnson etc.