7mm Millicent Street

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  1. simond

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    Your photo made me wonder whether phone boxes were placed on the pavement, or sunken into it. A quick google suggests the former, but there appears to be some kind of flaunching or foundation.

    Redirect Notice

    (Sorry, they’re red!)

    Some other photos of uprooted boxes show a very substantial floor.

    Hope this is helpful
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  2. Osgood

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    If only they'd had access to decent adhesives back in the day.....
    k6 box installation.jpg
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    Well I never. How interesting is that.

  4. Osgood

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    Well I'm almost embarrassed to admit - "fairly" :)):)):))
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    I’ve always had a fascination with all the various vehicles and equipment GPO Telephones had and used. When I was still planning a 4mm scale layout, I wanted to have a GPO yard on it.
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    As evidenced by your rare GPO AEC Matador model!
    I think the chassis were built as 4x4 for Matador gun tractors but changed or made up as 4x2 for GPO? Sorry Hullensians - severely off-topic now.

    I do like the cream boxes in Hull (I'm a very occasional visitor), but visitors who didn't know could easily miss them if rushing around desperate to find a phone box. Mind you, what do you use a phone box for these days......
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  7. Heather Kay

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    I’ve noted them being used as small lending libraries.
  8. Barnaby

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    Only recently discovered this 7mm layout and not yet got up to speed with all the historical posts but those I have read are very enjoyable and one I've marked to follow.

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  9. Barnaby

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    There's some simply stunning modeling going on here at Millicent Street, not only that but some great tips and ideas are to be had.

    I think I'll have a go at making some full scale card/paper models of some building ideas I have to play with.

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    You mean apart from changing into my Superman outfit?
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  11. Barnaby

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    Hello Ripper, this is a very nice layout.

    I like how you have made the hard standing in front of the coal staithes but I am not too sure how it was done.

    Reading through the posts it show you first laid down a mix of tile grout, Pva & black paint then you have placed on top what look like Wills plastic sheets or similar?
    It seems that the paint mixture isn't necessary or am I missing something here.
    I was going to use Wills Granite sheets for a similar effect but I like the hard standing style more after seeing how yours has turned out just not sure on the under painting need? I was just going to stick the sheets down and suitably dirty the area up.