4mm Meldon Quarry

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    Bit more done the home made fence post stuck on.
    Have to say the Deluxe Materials plastic kit glue is a game changer! fettle time on these posts and white metal to plastikard no trouble better than cyno. Bought from SMS no connection usual disclaimer.

    16B60B47-2EFA-4B61-A251-9C635963B377.jpeg 4EBDB05F-EA06-4EFC-B71D-C88BAC5CC117.jpeg

    Who made and drilled a post for every trestle! Over hear gov I did it!
    Proves to keep a prototype photo in sight at all times might help. I’m slow anyway so these mishaps don’t help.

    6D85D950-5CAA-44D8-A575-E8E03E7576B9.jpeg F572532C-09B2-46CB-AC4A-BF72D48D8599.jpeg

    Pleased to see the platform coping groves showing up.
    Rails and wires next.
    Until next time cheers.
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    Did I say “Deluxe Materials plastic kit glue is a game changer“ ummm it wasn’t next day it let go on the white metal!
    Never designed for that I know but initial observations were good.
    So next another SMS supplied glue the deluxe-materials-ad-21-super-phatic-glue.
    That stuck the posts to the white metal.
    So the handrail next made from telecom wire superglued.


    then the fence wire wanted to be thinner really but even with a magnifying viewer that’s pretty well the smallest I can see.
    Obviously close up camera makes it look much bigger!

    513E60BA-FEFE-4F5C-BADC-140762DE5D7A.jpeg 390D38B6-C1F2-4AF8-899D-4D5BB22032B2.jpeg

    The handrail ends dresssed and the viaduct end was prototypically bent down.


    Looked ok so a mist coat of rattle can primer thrown on!
    One can wouldn’t press the inner tube inside the nozzle far enough before it hit the can! It would deliver and I pulled the nozzle off and pressed it against some wood so a faulty nozzle it appears, 2nd can was out in the shed so warmed that up under hot water as I’d read somewhere that worked lovely.

    2EC72816-7C22-4985-94BB-D2BF7629983B.jpeg 55CDFBEC-2928-47C2-8DF3-D0AE4323AF4A.jpeg

    A few runs!
    Anyway getting closer to move on to bigger things for this layout now.
    This will soon be done and I’m fairly pleased with it next time I’ll buy the bits rather than make them as all those posts were hand made from sheet yes including all the ones I didn’t need!
    Clean this up and paint it weather it and done I feel.
    It won’t go on the layout yet as big building work needs doing at the back vaguely where this workers platform is going.
    Thanks for looking in.
    Until next time.

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    Forgot this one yesterday my way of straining the fence wires before supergluing.
    Hair grips surprisingly grippy on those wires with a little weight on.


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