Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    The Concrete Utilities lamp post is excellent Peter and I trust your well being is continuing to improve.

    All these Concrete Utilities lamp reminds me I have to produce some of my own street and LT platform lighting! However, I think the LT produced their 'New Works' programme ones in their own concrete works. But oh what shape Concrete Utilities post to choose... hexagonal, square? Fortunately there is a Concrete Utilities lamp post about 5 metres from my front door which I'll have to measure.

    The LT ones are easy as they are square posts :).

    I noticed the rectangular sodium lamp in the Concrete Utilities photo and may consider using warm yellow surface mounted LEDs in an acrylic surround similar to C103283 from the 1938 catalogue above - with a dab of orange or red glass paint for the orange sodium glow.

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    You'll bl$$dy well do it too, won't you Dave.:))

    What about those working trip cocks, though........?

  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    Already started to think about this following the conversation with SimonD at Reading. With working AWS ramps as well!!
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    Haven’t forgotten....

  5. eastsidepilot

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    Spent the day at Love Lane running trains, Robin's 8F looked good. :D IMG_0424.JPG IMG_0426.JPG IMG_0427.JPG

    We are custodians to one of our members S.R. stock so the M7 and a rake of three coaches where given a run.
    IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0436.JPG

    Tim has built a new signal.


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    Finally we have started to get the country end bridge into position, replacing the half relief version which has been looking rather orphaned since we left Peter Hunt's shop where it was, appropriately, against a wall. Sad to discard it, as it is a fine piece of model making by Peter.

    The roadway and upper walls are all cut and I hope it will be complete for Bristol on January 26th. It may even be painted. Country bridge.jpg

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    John that is a great bridge. Looks like that has taken some time to cut. The bricks in the arch are halved at the ends. Is that how they would have been?
  8. Oz7mm

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    Each side took 68 minutes. I could probably have run a bit quicker but the engrave settings seem to work OK and we are not time limited.

    Good point about the end arch bricks and they are potentially wrong. I copied the layout on the old bridge as the original plan was to mate another half bridge to the one we already have until we realised that was just as much work. Peter made the original bridge using an overlay of embossed plastic sheet and that was presumably the way the sheet was embossed.

    Thanks for pointing it out to everyone!

    Happy Christmas to all from the Love Lane group

    Why not make your new year's resolution to have a look at S7?

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    Hi John,

    So can you confirm Love Lane will be at the Bristol show in January? I do hope so, I have been looking forward to seeing the layout .

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  10. Oz7mm

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    We will be there.

    Which reminds me, I must book a van

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    Hi John,

    That's great news, look forward to seeing you guys and the layout.

  12. eastsidepilot

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    Looking good John, perhaps the old bridge could be used as the break between scenic and non-scenic boards on the curves even if it had to be shortened ?

  13. SimonT

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    A Christmas solution... "The Holly and the IVY?"

    Hat, etc. Merry Christmas Everyone.

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    Do you need help?
  15. BrushType4

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  17. Scale7JB

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    Good idea!!

    Maybe even chopped in two and each half used at each end and embankment built up to it?

  18. Oz7mm

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    I've never thought of an N7 as a large loco before!

    David Rayner's Minerva Manning Wardle straight (apart from the S7 conversion) from the box with DCC and sound. A great model which I hope will attract many modellers (old and new) to 0 gauge.

    Pete apologised for removing the furniture from the signal box.

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  19. Oz7mm

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    Pete came over this afternoon and evening try to have the bridges in place for the Bristol show. There are over 100 drawings for laser cutting parts for the two bridges. The walls bounding the road are coming on. Quick shots on my phone of the country end bridge.

    IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0991.jpg
  20. BrushType4

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    That’s looking the part JB. Very impressed.