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    David, did you know that a Jinty was called a Dobbin in Nuneaton and southwards on the WCML? I have, somewhere, a photo of a cart horse "shunter" at Bletchley alongside an Stanier 8F. My own Jinty (Connoisseur kit) is sometimes called Dobbin when it stalls on a frog!

    I like the head on shot of the "25" as well.

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    Lovely looking jinty and class 25 mate

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  3. Jinty

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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you.

    I also know of one 'Jinty' that was referred to as "Little B@stard" from Rhyl shed (6K) where my Grandfather was a Passed Fireman. 47350 was apparently a poor steamer with a mind of its own whilst working in the yard, according to the stories I was told as a young boy.
    My Grandfather hated the loco.

    I once (many moons ago) had a driving experience on a 'Jinty' hence my moniker!!!

    David ;)
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  4. Jinty

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    Oh and one of my cats is called Dobbie (near but not quite!), 11 years old now and likes to investigate the train room/garage whenever he can.


    He's being somewhat needy today, when I'm trying to concentrate on things!!!
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    I lived near Harrow so well south of Nuneaton on the West Coast Main Line and "Jinties" were known as "Jinties". I've never heard them called "Dobbins", so perhaps that was a local nickname. We also had "Coros" (Coronations, not Semis or Duchesses), to throw another in to the pot.....

  6. LarryG

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    Neither David Jenkinson nor Bob Essery liked the term and considered it was a 'latter-day' invention. Had David mentioned it when he was at ours, I could have told him we knew them as Jinties on Oldham in the early 1950's! :drool:

    The only other nickname I knew as a boy was 'Black Five'. I always referred to engines the way I had read of them in books e.g. Fowler 4F, Stanier 2-6-4T , Fowler 0-8-0 etc. This didn't work when I worked on the railway as the men had their own names. The 4F's were 'Derby Fours', the Fowler 2-6-2T's were 'Breadvans' (very hot cabs) and the Fowler 0-8-0's were Austin Sevens (very limited room in cabs).
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    I'd heard previously that "Jinty" was a term not liked or used by railway men. The terms we used were as spotters in the late 50s/early 60s. Black Five for sure, then 8Fs were known as Eight Freights, Jubilees were "Jubs" (a simple abbreviation) in the same way that Patriots were "Pats" and Royal Scots were "Scots". The term "Breadvan" was unknown to us, although "Austin Seven" was in common use - not that we saw any of those around London.

    Outside the LMS A4s were "Streaks" and Britannias were "Brits". The 61XX 2-6-2 tanks on the WR were "Tanner-Oners". I'm sure there were others but memory is fickle.

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  8. Jinty

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    I got the term 'Jinty' from my Grandfather and Father, who both originating from Westhoughton near Bolton, always referred to them as such.

    Anyway, here is a recent piece off the workbench. It's been somewhat of a trial.

    Starting out with a green Heljan class 31 I fitted the PH Designs refurb kit to it and repainted it into Dutch livery. I added cast double arrows and Bescot plates, and the cut away valences/buffer beam.
    Once the bodywork was don I set about fitting it with a Zimo MX696KS sound decoder and a couple of bass reflex speakers. Could I get the thing to run correctly, could I hell as like!!! In the end I spotted the problem, the motors were different. they had different RPMs and different flywheels and were fighting each other. I found a matched pair and fitted them, this then solved the problem and she now runs beautifully.
    I've weathered it as an 'end of life but still in service' loco from Bescot's Departmental fleet, just as a lot of them were back then.

    Here are a few pictures:

    WB10.jpg WB11.jpg WB12.jpg WB13.jpg

    David ;)
  9. Landy

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    Lovely job, I've got a green 31 and some PHD etches that have been patiently waiting for me to join them together for a couple of years, just hope it turns out as well as that when I finally get around to it, though mine will be blue.
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    Superb work there David.
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  11. Jinty

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    Something for myself for a change.
    I've purchased an Ex-Northstar design Ex LNWR M52 Driving trailer from the now producers Gladiator.
    A lovely kit, concentrated on the body today, went together nicely, drop lights, door vents, bottom hinges, inside handrails, etc.
    I've just cut the roof nearly to size and plonked it on the body, all sitting nice and square.
    I'll be getting on with the under frame once I get another few hours to myself, but this coach will make a nice companion for 47479.


    More soon

    David ;)
  12. bri.s

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    Nice work mate

    Look forward to seeing it progress

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  13. Focalplane

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    That driving trailer would go nicely with my Jinty as well (see avatar). One day. . . .

    I have to admit I didn't know this kit existed, I will also follow with interest.

  14. LarryG

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    Details from my chapter on LNWR push pull coaches (Scenes from the Past - Delph to Oldham published by Foxline)...
    WEB M52 details.jpg
    Additional notes to clarify. When built, push pull operation was purely manual with rodding running beneath the coaches to connect with that on the loco. Therefore both V hangers were on the same side of the chassis. Conversion to auto vac equipment commenced in the mid 1930's. Bogies were 8ft w.b. bulbiron ie: flange top and bottom. All compartment doors into the side corridor were absent. I traveled in one of these coaches from Greenfield back to Oldham for the last time a week or so prior to the passenger service ending (probably Easter school hols).

    The coach illustrated was in Delph station. Livery right to the end was LMS crimson lake although much of it had peeled away to show grey paint (probably wood protective paint rather than undercoat).
  15. Dave Holt

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    I've got a 4 mm version of one of these, running number M3407M, built for me by Larry, as per his information just posted and based on that photo of this coach at Delph in the mid 1950's. Even has those people looking out of the windows!
    I notice that the corridor and compartment door sides are reversed, relative to the driving end, on your model compared with Larry's drawings and my model. Are you sure you've got them the right way round? Perhaps it varied between different coaches?
  16. LarryG

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    On 4mm etches, the ends fold up from the floor, but this took up too much space on a sheet in 7mm. You will need to swap the ends around Jinty. You can borrow my Delph book if it helps.

    Follow this link to partway down the age where you will see an M52...
    LNWR bogie coaches in 4mm/00
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  17. Jinty

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    Thanks Larry,

    There is a plan view in the instructions showing the corridor orientation as per how I've built it.

    No great shakes, have to get the torch out and swap them.

    Quick question, if I may?
    Once they were rebuilt, did the vac brake cylinders and supporting bracketry revert back to the usual one each side?

    David ;)
  18. LarryG

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    Northstar produced the 7mm scale version so I haven't seen the instructions showing corridor orientation. As regards conversion to auto vac push pull operation, I rather suspect the brake gear remained as built. It had on the other push pull coaches of which I had clearer views of the underframe.
  19. Jinty

    Jinty Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the information Larry, last question, promise!!!
    Which side of the coach did the brake units get fitted? The corridor side or the compartment side?

    Here is a picture clearly showing the instructions. Plan view, compartment side to the left and corridor to the right.


    I'll notify Dave Hill so he can amend them for future customers.

    Life just simply wouldn't be life without these little diversions along the way!!!

    David ;)
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  20. Jinty

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    After reading your post from above properly Larry, I've answered my own question. Brake cylinders and Battery Box on the compartment side.

    I am also getting quite excited about the possibility of a D1807 in Carmine & Cream sitting with my M52 in Crimson Lake.
    Sounds rather nice, and Sidelines do a D1807 kit as well!!!

    I also noticed that Sidelines list both a D1851 Corridor Brake 3rd and a D1851 as a Driving Corridor Brake 3rd.
    Was this a conversion of the D1851 into a Driving Trailer?

    Decisions, decisions
    David ;)
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