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Discussion in 'New members' started by michael mott, 19 March 2020.

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    I have been working as a model builder both as a hobbyist and for many years as a professional builder in various ways. At one time employing up to 12 people building models and exhibitions.
    I am now retired and like many around the globe right now staying home. So great to come upon another good forum about the subject that takes up a fair bit of my day. I work in a number of scales and have a small garden loop to run my models on. the track gauge is 45mm or 1 .75inches well 1.7716" to be precise, Accuracy is one of those rather nebulous parameters it seems when discussing model railway items, I would put myself into the "rubber gauge" club inasmuch that I enjoy a good model and its attributes whatever the scale gauge combination. I have a nice dedicated space/workshop that has accrued over the last 50 years some semblance of organized clutter and the relevant tools to muddle about with. one i figure out how to get the pictures to sit within the text I shall have more to show and say.

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    Hi Michael,

    welcome to WT, we like lots of photos with the posts and I see that you have already cottoned on to this on your other post. Please keep them coming.

    kind regards

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    Welcome aboard, I'm sure we all look forward to seeing more!

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    Hello and Welcome Michael. Are you in BC ?