Dublingham Goods Station

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    Now it's time to tackle the scenic sections of the layout, and in some ways this has given me the most trouble conceptually, which may be why I've not done anything, but I think I've cracked the approach now.

    The problem has always been that most of the wagons are vintage Dublo, weathered with age, but not weathered in the modern sense, let's not forgot the few tinplate wagons...

    @Steve's Shed dug out some old Railway Modeller's that had layouts by Chris Matthewman, Striving and Strove. (I think) The approach here really suits I think, less weathering and brick paper buildings, but importantly, everything built well and to the same consistent standard, i.e. no wonky bits. My career as an architectural modelmaker should mean no wonky bits, but how it all sits together will be much more difficult. I'm starting off with Scalescenes products to see how it works, I think brick paper will work well with the vintage stock.
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    I've been advised by a few people that if I want to exhibit the layout (ever again!!) I should make up a leaflet, so I've started one in the style of an old BR leaflet .

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    I would agree, using brick papers will fit in with the rest of the layout.

    With regard to the leaflet I would be inclined to make it more 1960-ish - a bit like this one I've tinkered with. Apologies for the wobbly lines as I've haven't yet fully mastered the Affinity Photo package.


    The cabinet reminds me of classic 1960's television sets. Perhaps some screw in spindly legs to stand the layout on?

    TV 14463431_master.jpg
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    Dave, yes, good idea, will do, am still tinkering with the design. Am going to start the brick paper stuff this weekend too. Good point about the legs, I've been wondering what to do about the legs, the shape of the Cabinet doesn't fit the usual curtains solution, but curtains are good at hiding storage boxes and the like, although you could actually just put that stuff back in the car. I have some of these Ikea legs which are a bit 50s space age.
    KRILLE Leg with castor White 70 cm - IKEA

    But these are adjustable up to 107cm, which is the right height for sitting viewing, would be adjustable for dodgy flooring and are chrome!!
    GERTON Leg, adjustable Chrome-plated - IKEA
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    Providing the storage boxes are identical there's no reason why they cannot be stacked neatly on view. On the other hand if they're sturdy enough and interlock when stacked use them as a table, chair or stool.
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    Actually, all I had was one 'Really Useful' stock box and a toolbox, both could go back in the car really.
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    Dave, here you go with your suggestions.
    Cheers! Dublingham-leaflet.png
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    It's been a while since I last posted, but things have been progressing. I have got my next confirmed exhibition, which is the Kempston model railway show in November, so now need another push on the scenic front.

    So with that in mind I have been looking at various ScaleScenes options, and now think I can make all the buildings from their products. I've also got some 90cm adjustable legs from IKEA.

    I thought I should try out one of the free Scalescenes kits first, the yard office, I found an alternative plastic window and will use PECO downpipes to cover up the gaps shown. Various old Magic Markers and permanent pens were used to avoid white paper edges.

    IMG_20190706_151830~2.jpg IMG_20190706_151841~2.jpg
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    Here's the finished item, chimney sculpted from Hobby Store terracotta clay and PECO downpipes, with acrylic paint. Window painted white and some weathering powders placed under the eaves, flashing etc to give some depth.

    It's got issues, but haven't we all? The mismatch of bricks on one corner is ok as that may never be seen. Happy as a first attempt, lessons learnt, so will move onto the next item which is the Scalescenes low relief warehouse that will go at the fiddle yard end.


    IMG_20190713_154037~2.jpg IMG_20190713_154046~2.jpg