Dapol Turbot Wagons Converting to S7

Discussion in 'S7 Group' started by richard carr, 6 August 2020.

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    I know (and don't blame you!) and as you say, the bolster will be close enough. Ultimately, all the UK cast steel bogies - Gloucester, English Steel, Davis and Lloyd, etc, are versions of US originals. ASF versions like that came with EWS and Thrall in the '90s and were put under Salmons as replacements for life-expired plate bogies with plain bearings, but similar bogies (although with plain bearings) were bought by the Southern under Bulleid in the '40s and put under various items of freight stock.

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    The drawing arrived today and the width of the bogie over the bolster is 96.13 inches which scales to 56.08 mm. The model supplied measures 48.3 mm over the bolster a whopping 7.78mm too narrow.

    My extended bogies measure 54mm over the bolster so still 2mm short, so on with the etch to get them to the full width.

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