Another QCAD issue... reading hatched file

Discussion in 'CAD Corner' started by ChrisBr, 14 January 2019.

  1. ChrisBr

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    So, thanks to all the advise and support on here last year, I now have some files to be etched. They are fully hatched in QCAD and look perfect there, produce suitable looking .pdfs and can be seen in Autodesk Viewer with all the relevant detail showing.
    But, my etcher can't read the files and it would appear is only able to see layer 0.
    Anyone had a similar experience, suggest what I may have done wrong/can do to resolve? Happy to post the file if that will help.

  2. Scale7JB

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    Will be interesting to hear...

    @adrian ??

  3. simond

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    If you want to email me your file, I will try to help.

  4. ChrisBr

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    Thanks for the offer Simon I may well do that as you have kindly offered.

    Events have actually progressed in that, on sending the file to the person actually creating the final photo tool, he was able to read the file and produce the requited master. So it is only the actual etchers who could not read it, but they have never had an issue before, so I would still like to understand why, if possible.