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    Would love to see photo of female end, please (as well as male end shown here - one picture being worth thousand words ...)
    Not sure I can quite visualise what you saying.
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    The female part is firmly mounted under the loco cab floor. The male part once attached to the female part is free to move sideways is it mounted through a slot milled in the mounting bracket (see photo three posts above which shows both male and female units)
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    Prototype tender now effectively finished. Finally installed
    the electronics. Pressure gauge and water level LEDs are on the tender as are the battery, electronics and on/off switch.



    There are three leads (high , low and common) which will be connected to the loco via micro connector (aircraft R/C type) . It all tested out with red for "top up NOW" and green for " you'll be priming soon!"


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    Thank you for that.
    It was "silicon sleeves" in your description that had me puzzled, but thanks to this photo:
    it is all clear now (I can see the sleeves and can see how they work) - thank you.
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  5. Thirtysecond

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    Boiler and smokebox prototype complete. Note that the tiny smokebox is packed with connectors. Its a multi-flue boiler fired by Meths or coal.

    6ADF0C24-63E9-4018-B7E5-111227DA4EF7.jpeg A1111834-1193-43CA-9836-10A6D349168D.jpeg 89583C86-56BB-4B3A-955F-1611C9B9A0DA.jpeg
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    Very nice, clean and compact - the copper tube bending is exemplary. Unfortunately it raises a few questions - sorry. :bowdown: So it appears that although a couple of tubes are filled with superheater elements it seems that a couple seemed to be blanked off with brass plates and some have blanks bolted in with a ptfe washers - what is the purpose of these? Many thanks.
  7. Thirtysecond

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    Here is a different loco using the same principle where it is perhaps a little clearer. What you saw as blanks are actually o-ring based connectors. The ones withe PTFE washers are probes for the electronic water gauge.

    All bushes are at the FRONT of the boiler because at the back is a scale backhead with no room for bushes. An added bonus is that with all steam and electrical connections going through a manifold on the smokebox floor, releasing a couple of screws on that manifold enables the complete boiler/smokebox assembly to be removed in a couple of minutes.

  8. adrian

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    Thankyou - definitely clearer now and a nice bit of lateral thinking to the design.
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    Brilliant, Derek!

    While I'm assuming you're spirit-firing from the firebox, this design has potential for improving gas firing.

    From time to time I've toyed with the idea of a recuperative radiant cartridge burner.
    i.e. a radiant poker burner in which the flue gas passes down the middle of the burner on its way to the smokebox, giving up more of its heat to preheat the fuel and combustion air.​

    Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.07.31.jpg

    Until now, I'd always seen it as a snag that all the connections (fuel, air-in air-out) were at the smokebox end, but now . . .

  10. Thirtysecond

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    The pipe looms have now been installed in the prototype. They took some fitting in in such a small loco as they have to avoid the firebox, various eccentrics, and all the different valves mounted in the frames. You can clearly see the manifold whose other half is the base of the smokebox. The counterbored holes take the o-rings.

    The lubricator pipe, axle pump eccentric and ram have yet to be added .

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