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    Pushing out the rivets on the Fowler tank was a chore but this kit runs a very close second for the darned things. There are simply hundreds to push out, many in very tight formations, to give an example on the rear of the cab the returns for the handrails have 30 rivets a piece to push out! All on a piece of etch 34mm by 6mm. You have to love them!:rolleyes:

    That said this is turning into a lovely build. Forming the various curves for the front of the running plate and under the cab was simply achieved by using the body of a marker pen to create the right radius. The curve under the cab required annealing before it could be formed easily. All the etches are very crisp and the fit is superb.:thumbs:
    Running plate 1 110719.JPG
    With the running plate built up a start has been made on the cab. The sides are laminated together, the outer half etch having all the rivet detail, thank goodness. The inner wall is slightly smaller than the outer etch to allow for the cab front and for the returns on the back of the cab to be soldered in flush. The fit is perfect.:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
    Running plate 2 110719.JPG
    A start has been made on fitting out the cab. The floor is a somewhat complicated set of etches so this will be a job for the next time. The reverser is a superb lost wax casting made up of four parts.
    Cab 1 110719.JPG
    All that horrible solder will eventually be hidden - honest!

    So the loco now looks like this. The whitemetal smokebox saddle is just put in place for the photo and the running plate is "loose" on the frames,
    Loco 2 110719.JPG
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    Hi Roger,
    Looking good. I know what you mean about the rivets on the big LMS tanks. You've done both and now this. You must be a glutten for punishment! That said the Gladiator/David Andrews LMS kits do go together nicely and are a pleasure to build. I've got the Stanier Mogul waiting in the queue and that has a plethora of rivets also. Happy days ahead.
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    Fitting the cab floor was not quite as bad as I had expected and is made up of three parts which fit around the rear frame extensions. The floor around the base of the reverser required some alteration but by frequently checking progress during cutting and filing the floorboards eventually slide into place, the remaining floor was straightforward to install and also trapped the fallplate in place. The cupboard for the oil bottles etc. was also installed.
    Cab 2 140719.JPG
    Today the basic firebox, boiler and smokebox assembly has been tackled. All the etches were straightforward to fit and each section has been bolted to the next. Prior to sealing the boiler a considerable amount of lead was added to it so hopefully this loco will live up to its class's reputation for prodigious haulage power.
    Boiler 1 140719.JPG
    The boiler assembly has been tried in the frames and the smokebox saddle requires some additional work to get it to sit snugly inside the frames. In addition the smokebox door ring which is a whitemetal casting is not an exact fit in the smokebox etch and some filling will be required to close up the small gaps that have appeared.

    Now a plea for help. The 8F running plate has 5 oil boxes and 1 oiling tray on each side of the engine. The tray oils the pony truck slides, the oil boxes are for the hornguides and parts of the motion. Despite having a copy of No.8 LMS Locomotive Profiles, The Class 8F 2-8-0s none of the drawings clearly show the location of the majority of these oilers. The tray and oil box on the lower part of the frames under the smokebox saddle are clearly shown but not the remainder. Might someone happen to have a photo showing their exact position? I have found three photos on the net but they are from locos in preservation and taken from varying angles making final location a little tricky and a box may have been relocated.
    oil pots 2.jpg
    I'd prefer to work from a pre preservation photo if possible.
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    I'll be along in a minute, Mr S.

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    I wanted to make sure the basic build of the boiler etc. fitted correctly in the frames so I have adjusted the smokebox saddle etches rather than leave it until tomorrow. It was slightly too wide but a bit of work with a file has got the structure to fit properly in the frames. This photo shows the boiler temporarily in place.
    Loco 3 140719.JPG
    Minor adjustments will have to be made to the whitemetal saddle and then the boiler can be detailed prior to final installation.
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