82G Templecombe Road Shed

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Nigel Smith, 9 January 2019.

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    IMG_6910 (2).JPG IMG_6915.JPG IMG_6916.JPG IMG_6918.JPG IMG_6920.JPG IMG_6925.JPG Here's a few shots taken on 82G today of my son's latest weathering on a Dapol 08 shunter
  2. Nigel Smith

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    And a number of Mr. Scanlon's efforts here - just to prove all these southern thingies look the same!
    IMG_6930.JPG IMG_6932.JPG IMG_6935.JPG IMG_6936.JPG IMG_6939.JPG IMG_6943.JPG
  3. Prairie Tank

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    Nigel, this is simply stunning! Fantastic modelling, it all looks real.

    John :)
  4. Paul Cambridge

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    A lovely collection of Southern moguls. All different, some just subtle differences..... :rolleyes:
  5. Scanlon

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    All my Maunsell moguls have detail differences, the two N's show right-hand and left-hand drives examples plus original and rebuilt frames. The U is one of the few built new and fitted with 3500 gallon tenders. The rebuilt Rivers also ran with the smaller tender but the cab is different and as yet no one makes an appropriate kit. The U1 is a right mix, it started life as an Ace N1 - yes those kits - but modified with 6ft wheels and a 4000 gallon tender. Since then it has been substantially rebuilt with David Andrews U class frames, boiler, firebox and fittings, the valve gear has been entirely replaced using parts from Sans Pareil. Their W class kit had sufficient parts to make up a complete set of the appropriate side rods, connecting rods and all the valve gear. The K is also from the Ace stable and until someone brings out a decent kit it has to do.:rolleyes:

    Here are a couple more shots
    090119 (11).JPG
    090119 (3).JPG
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  6. Nigel Smith

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    IMG_6948.JPG Some coal delivered on 82G today. Lionheart wagons weathered by Owen
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    A few more visitors today
    IMG_6956 (2).JPG IMG_6961 (2).JPG IMG_6967 (3).JPG IMG_7104.JPG IMG_6973 (2).JPG IMG_6956 (2).JPG IMG_6961 (2).JPG IMG_6967 (3).JPG IMG_7104.JPG IMG_6973 (2).JPG
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  8. Ian Rathbone

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    A few more visitors to 82G -

    BR46240-82G.jpg IMG_0116.JPG IMG_4667.JPG IMG_5547.JPG IMG_5753.JPG IMG_5772 (2).jpg
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    And a few from the LNER group -




    Ian R
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